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Vegetables and Attraction

Consuming fruits and vegetables high in carotenoids (yellow and orange colors) can improve attractiveness by changing skin tone.  This plays out across many species as these colors figure into mate selection.  Consider that a healthy diet tends to correlate with desirable factors such as physical fitness and active behavior.

However, I wonder how wide a racial range they used in the study.  If standard, it would be most or all white men.  (In another standard gaffe, they used only women judging only men.)  Is the effect stronger or weaker in Asians, with their tendency toward golden tones?  Is it muted in people with dark skin, where changes are difficult or impossible to see?  Does it look bad on people with cool porcelain tones?  Does it give the most bang-for-buck in the fair-to-slightly-toasted range of warm skin tones with lots of variability?
Tags: food, gender studies, news, science
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