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Poem: "The Annals of Human Vice"

This poem is spillover from the May 7, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] lone_cat. It also fills the "Two of Bows - Decision" square in my 4-30-19 card for the Tarot Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the Officer Pink thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

"The Annals of Human Vice"

[Monday, April 20, 2015]

A thorough search of Ammon's office
turned up extensive information about
his location, associates, and crimes.

It also confirmed his demonic powers,
which explained the nauseating energy
that permeated his entire territory.

He was living in a small farmhouse
not far from the compound, which he
shared with four other employees --
an arrangement not at all to his taste,
which he complained of in many notes.

It took a couple of days for BASH
to arrange some suitable backup and
plan a new raid, watching the house
to make sure none of the suspects fled.

They cleared out families from nearby farms
just in case the conflict spread beyond
the land around Ammon's house.

They chose a staging area in
an adjacent field, an old red barn
with a parking lot mostly gone to grass,
framed by wild forsythias and willows
festooned with bright yellow flowers.

On Monday morning, Callen La Salle
gathered the members of her team.

She had Bo de Beaucannon and
Archard Martel as subordinates,
along with others of her BASH team.

Chad Saint-Aime was their tactical medic,
whose services they would doubtless need.

They had brought Father Dallavalle from
the St. Leo the Great Mission Church,
in charge of spiritual defenses.

SPOON had sent the Primaries --
Blue Law, Red Hot, and Yellow Jack --
to provide superpowered assistance.

They also had regular police officers with
patrol cars and prisoner transport trucks,
a firetruck with a team of firefighters,
a couple of ambulances complete
with noncombat paramedics, and
assorted other support staff.

Callen laid out the map
of the target zone, house
and barns in the center.

"I'll lead the breach team
breaking down the front door,"
she decided. "Martel, you take
another team around the back.
Bo, we don't have a sniper
so you're our best shooter --
there's at least one gun nut
here so drop him if you can."

"Yes, ma'am," Bo said crisply.

"Chad, where do you think
you'll do the most good?"
Callen asked him.

"Outside," Chad said.
"I'll have a better view of
operations from there, and
I can dash in if needed. Ideally,
people will bring casualties to me."

"Okay," Callen said. "Primaries,
you're with me on the breach team.
We're gonna open that door for you,
then it's your job to find the supervillains
and neutralize them however you can."

"Hot damn!" said Red Hot, and
Blue Law quickly shushed her.

"Father Dallavalle, you're up,"
Callen said, beckoning to the priest.

"Given strong suspicion of demonic activity,
I have prepared spiritual reinforcements,"
Father Dallavalle said, opening a small case.
"We have pins from various local religions --
Roman Catholic crucifixes, Southern Baptist pins,
medicine wheels from New Haven Native American Church,
dharma wheels and yogi pins from the Shambhala Center."

Bo leaned in to snag a dharma wheel. "I guess
this will have to do," she said. "Obviously
I'm not the most devout of Buddhists."

"It's okay," Father Dallavalle assured her.
"All of these faith emblems are powered by
experienced prayer circles, not wearer belief."

"Include me out," Archard said firmly. "I'm atheist."

"Don't worry, son, I've got you covered,"
Father Dallavalle said as he opened another case.
"The Secular Student Alliance of Missouri State University
was very helpful. I've got a Unitarian-Universalist lamp,
an atheist atom, a cute little humanist dude -- oh,
and you can't go wrong with a Darwin fish."

Archard's hand hovered over the pins.
"Now I'm spoiled for choice," he said.

"Go ahead and take however many
you want," said Father Dallavalle.
"All I ask is that if another atheist
turns up on our team, you share."

"Deal," said Archard, and picked up
an atom, a humanist, and a Darwin fish.
"I need all the help I can get today."

"So do we all," said Father Dallavalle.
"However, don't underestimate the power
of fervent disbelief! It can be quite potent
against representatives of the infernal.
Much of the influence should simply roll
off you like water on a duck's back."

Callen chose a crucifix for herself.
Like Bo, she wasn't very devout,
but she still went to church on
Easter and Christmas. "Thanks."

"Any time," said Father Dallavalle.
He himself wore an interfaith pin
with a cross at the top and symbols
of other faiths in a ring, under which
another gold pin read Chaplain.

Hopefully it would be enough.

The farmhouse was turquoise and white,
its white French doors easy to smash open.

Callen stepped aside to let the Primaries
surge past her to search for supervillains.

They found the ordinary crooks first, though.

Then Callen went down underneath
a massively muscled woman who
tried pounding her into the floor.

Callen's armor protected her
long enough draw a zatzer and
knock the attacker unconscious.

Bo's gun rang out once, twice,
and then she trotted past them
towing a heavily bleeding suspect
toward the waiting ambulances.

Callen handcuffed the attacker
and dragged her outside for
the other cops to handle.

As Callen headed back in,
more BASH personnel marched out
with a couple who looked like farmers.

They were rapidly emptying
the house of its known residents.

Suddenly Callen smelled sulphur
and a wave of heat swept the house.

Moments later, cold replaced it.

Callen touched her pin for reassurance,
grateful for Red Hot's Temperature Control.

Yellow Jack's Forcefields shimmered in the air,
protecting the BASH team from who-knew-what.

There was Ammon, all right, a goaty fellow
with pale skin, red hair, and thin droopy ears.
He held a gun in one hand and a long knife
in the other, brandishing both at them.

Then the whole world seemed to tilt,
and Callen recognized the feel
of Blue Law's Moral Compass.

Ammon wailed, sinking to his knees.

Blue Law and Red Hot grabbed him,
hustling him out of the farmhouse.

Callen followed them in case
the Primaries needed backup.

Father Dallavalle pounced
on Ammon, trussing him with
a purple ribbon over the handcuffs.

Ammon's magic sparked and
sputtered out, doing nothing.

"Impossible!" Ammon said.
"There is no way you could
muster enough faith to fight me
with a few pins and a handful of police."

"Oh, it's not just us," Father Dallavalle said,
tapping his interfaith pin. "We have backing
from every church in Douglas County,
plus a few other churches beyond it."

He poured holy water over Ammon,
which steamed in the bright sunlight,
putting out the last bits of infernal magic.

Then Blue Law and Red Hot stuffed
Ammon into a prisoner transport truck.

Archard came out of the house dragging
an Asian girl who sobbed hysterically.

Chad looked up -- and then stalked
toward them. "Let her go!" he barked.

"She was in the basement, doing
office work for the other suspects,"
Archard protested. "She's not
injured. I'm arresting her."

"The hell you are," Chad said.
"Did you somehow fail to notice
the collar around her neck?"

"That's just a choker necklace,"
Archard said. "It's jewelry."

"No it's not," Chad said.
Popping open his kit, he
pulled out a length of plastic
stuffed it under the collar.
"Can you breathe, miss?"

She nodded, sniffling.

"Archard, if you still think
that's just jewelry, then stick
your finger under it and tug,"
Chad said, glaring at him.

As soon as Archard tried it,
he yelped and yanked his hand
away. "What the hell?" he said.

"Control collars deliver a shock
if you pull on them or try to remove
them in any way," Chad explained.

"So that's a whole new count of
human trafficking, and now we
need to check all the other suspects
for more," Callen said. "Wonderful."
She had another decision to make.
"Archard, let Chad take over. We'll
count this one as a probable victim."

"We'll call a human trafficking unit,"
Chad said, turning back to the girl.
"They will know how to remove
the control collar safely. Come on,
let's get you into an ambulance
so I can check you for injuries."

She was still crying, but not as hard,
as Chad coaxed her into the back.

"That's all of them," Bo said quietly.
"The house is clear, no one else left
inside it. We captured all of the suspects
indicated at this location. That's everything."

"Not quite everything," Callen said. She
looked past the house to the barn and
the pasture beyond it, which held a herd
of horses -- mostly pintos, appaloosas,
chestnuts, and bays. "This looks like
the place where they stored horses
before converting them into centaurs."

"We'll need to call someone to come
and take charge of these," Bo said.
"I don't know anything about horses."

"Well, I went riding a few times as
a girl, but not recently," said Callen.
"I'll call Filly's folks. She's busy with
the centaurs but her whole family
raises horses. I'm sure they'll help."

The Eppingers were more than happy
to help, and steamed about what had
happened to horses in the compound.

Filly's brother Waylon came right over
to look at the herd and decide whether
they needed more than the usual care.

"Do you think that we really made
a difference today?" Bo said.

Callen looked at the truck full
of prisoners, the ambulance with
a human trafficking victim, and
a whole herd of horses who weren't
going to have their heads cut off.

"We sure did," she said firmly.

* * *


Archard Martel -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair. He is tall and lanky. His heritage is French and American. He speaks English and French. He enjoys watching movies and plays in French. His sophistication sometimes makes it difficult for him to get along with his more rustic neighbors. Archard lives in Springfield, Missouri where he serves on the BASH team under Callen La Salle. He joins the BASH raid on the Umsetzung Complex.
Qualities: Good (+2) Atheist, Good (+2) BASH Officer, Good (+2) French Culture, Good (+2) Tactical Thinking, Good (+2) Tall
Poor (-2) Stuck Up

John Andrew Dallavalle -- He has fair skin, blue eyes, and short black hair. He has a long face with a strong jaw. His heritage is Italian and American. He speaks English, Greek, and Latin. John Andrew earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the Cardinal Glennon College in St. Louis, Missouri. He went on to a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Theology with ordination through the Kenrick School of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri. Then he studied for a Master of Divinity in Interfaith Chaplaincy at the Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California. This included an emphasis in Baha'i, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hindusim. Currently John Andrew serves as the priest in charge of St. Leo the Great Mission Church in Ava, Missouri which belongs to the Roman Catholic Church of Southern Missouri. He provides spiritual backup for the raid to capture Ammon.
Origin: John Andrew became a petty saint through diligent pursuit of his vocation. He is unusual in that, after interfaith training, he learned to apply it to other religions. However, he is a Kauai and does not realize that his abilities extend beyond the ordinary.
Uniform: On duty, he wears Roman Catholic vestments. He has a Roman Catholic crucifix pin, an interfaith pin, and a chaplain pin all in gold. Off duty, he wears casual men's wear, such as t-shirt and jeans or flannel shirt and khakis.
Qualities: Master (+6) Existential Intelligence, Expert (+4) Roman Catholic Priest, Expert (+4) Trustworthy, Good (+2) Chaplain, Good (+2) Courage, Good (+2) Fishing
Poor (-2) Neatnik
Powers: Good (+2) Petty Saint
He can function as an Average (0) Petty Saint for religions outside his own.
Motivation: To do the work of God in the world.

Kenrick–Glennon Seminary is a private Roman Catholic school in Shrewsbury, Missouri; Cardinal Glennon College is the undergraduate school and Kenrick School of Theology is the graduate school.

B.A. in Philosophy: 120 Total Credit Hours

Philosophy 36 credit hours
Intro to Philosophy
Logic and Epistemology
Philosophy of Nature
Philosophical Anthropology
Natural Theology
Political Philosophy
History of Philosophy (Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Contemporary)
Philosophy Synthesis

Theology 12 credit hours
Catholic Doctrine
Catholic Morality
Liturgy and Sacraments
Introduction to Scripture and Christian Prayer

Languages* 12 credit hours
Latin (12 credit hours)

Composition, Literature, and Communications 15 credit hours
Composition (6 credit hours)
Introduction to Composition (T-American)
Composing Liturgy (T-American)
**Literature (6 credit hours)
World Mythology (T-American)
Spiritual and Inspirational Fiction (T-American)
Communications (3 credit hours)

Mathematics and Sciences 15 credit hours
Mathematics (3 credit hours)
Science (12 credit hours including a minimum of 3 credit hours in each of the following: Natural Science, Psychology, and Social Science)
Natural Science and the Church (T-American)
Psychology of Belief (T-American)
Studying Religion in Social Science (T-American)

History 9 credit hours
Western Civilization (6 credit hours)
**History elective (3 credit hours)
The Dark Ages (T-American)

Fine Arts 6 credit hours
Art Appreciation (T-American)
Calligraphy and Illumination (T-American)
Catechetical Methods 1 credit hour
THL 320 Catechetical Methods 1 credit – College III

Electives 14 credit hours
PHL 476 Science, Philosophy, and Gender 2 credits
PHL 463 Aesthetics 2 credits
MUS 360 Rudiments of Singing 2 credits
MUS 361 Rudiments of Keyboard Theory 2 credits
HST 364 The Supreme Court and Religion 2 credits
ENG 362 Poetry 2 credits
ENG 364 The Priest in Literature 3 credits

PHL 201 Introduction to Philosophy 1 credit – College II
This course introduces students to important philosophical themes and to the practice of closely reading philosophical texts through an engagement with historical and contemporary sources.

PHL 300 Logic and Epistemology 3 credits – College II
An introduction to an Aristotelian account of logic and the acts of the mind and to the nature and possibility of knowledge, with a focus on developing and articulating a realist philosophy that provides a foundation and guiding inspiration for future courses and studies.

PHL 320 Philosophy of Nature 3 credits – College III
An introduction to the Aristotelian philosophy of nature (investigating change and motion in sensible bodies) and to the philosophy of science (investigating the significance and practice of scientific inquiry), especially in relation to Catholic belief and practice.

PHL 325 Philosophical Anthropology 3 credits – College III
A comprehensive examination—through a critical engagement with historical and contemporary sources—of the nature of the human person as an incarnate being possessing freedom, subjectivity, and powers of knowing. The course includes both Thomist and personalist perspectives.

PHL 405 Metaphysics 3 credits – College IV
An introduction to the foundation of philosophy, the science of being, emphasizing an Aristotelian-Thomistic perspective while also addressing modern and contemporary views.

PHL 420 Natural Theology 3 credits – College IV
A continuation of the study of metaphysics, treating the subject of being in relation to its principle and end, God as Subsisting Infinite Being and First Cause, and the nature of human knowledge of Him.

PHL 425 Ethics 3 credits – College III
This course introduces ethics by beginning with Saint Thomas’ account of the final end, action, virtues, and law as found in his Summa Theologiae. The course will conclude with Pope John Paul II’s intervention into moral theology, Veritatis Splendor.

PHL 461 Political Philosophy 3 credits – College IV
An historical and systematic introduction to the study of the human as a political being, focusing on such topics as the nature, origin, and purpose of political order and its relation to transcendent truths, with readings from historical and contemporary sources.

THL 120 Catholic Doctrine 2 credits – College I
This course is a comprehensive treatment of the teachings and beliefs of the Catholic Church. Highlighting the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Part One: The Profession of Faith), the class examines the meaning of faith rooted in the Scriptures and Catholic Tradition.

THL 121 Catholic Morality 2 credits – College I
This course is a comprehensive introduction to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

THL 210 Liturgy and Sacraments I: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist
2 credits – College II
This course presents the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist as liturgical celebrations and rites that ‘actualize’ Christ in his Salvific Event.

THL 211 Liturgy and Sacraments II: Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, Marriage 2 credits – College II
This course is a theological and historical treatment of the sacramental life of the Church, especially as expressed in the Church’s liturgy. Highlighting the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the class will assist the seminarian to understand and appreciate the liturgy and theology of the Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and the sacramental.

THL 320 Catechetical Methods 1 credit – College III
A practical study in catechesis covering essential elements of religious education.

PHL 476 Science, Philosophy, and Gender 2 credits
The guiding questions for the course are “What is a man?” and “What is a woman?”. These questions will be considered from the viewpoints of science, philosophy, and theology. The bulk of the course will engage science, biology, genetics, endocrinology, obstetrics, and psychology. The aim here is to consider man and woman in their biological structures, procreative activities, and psychological development. Along the way homosexuality and transgenderism will be discussed. A philosophical synthesis will follow, attending to man and woman in terms of body, soul, nature, person, and the hierarchy of reality. Some theological ramifications will conclude the course.

PHL 463 Aesthetics 2 credits
This course is an historical and systematic treatment of philosophical aesthetics, or the rational account of the principles that govern art and beauty.

MUS 360 Rudiments of Singing 2 credits
This class will be structured as a pedagogical choir, focusing on all the requisite skills for singing including ear training, sight-singing and vocal development without the added pressures or constraints of performance preparation. The course will be tailored to the individual needs of the students enrolled in the course.

MUS 361 Rudiments of Keyboard Theory 2 credits
An introduction to music theory taught from the perspective of the keyboard. Designed for the student who wants to learn how to read standard music notation and learn how to “pluck out” a basic tune on the keyboard (a useful skill for learning new hymns and chants). The course will be tailored to the individual needs of the students enrolled in the course. No prior experience required.

HST 364 The Supreme Court and Religion 2 credits
An historical study of the principal issues involving religion which the Supreme Court has considered from the early nineteenth through the end of the twentieth centuries.

ENG 362 Poetry 2 credits
The course will trace how poetry takes the author and reader on a spiritual journey. It will feature a wide range of poets from Frost, Dickinson and Collins to Hopkins, Herbert and Merton.

ENG 364 The Priest in Literature 3 credits
This literary genre course will highlight the Catholic priest as presented in literature. From diaries to journals to autobiographical and biographical accounts to plays and poetry, the course will examine the struggles, heroism, spirituality, and humanity of the Catholic priest, in both fictional and non-fictional genres, as a means of contributing to the process of priestly formation. The placing of the writings in their various historical contexts will provide an opportunity for the wider discussion of the Roman Catholic Church at various pivotal moments in her history.

at Kenrick School of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri
At Kenrick School of Theology, preparation for priesthood takes place in the ordination program which includes the Master of Divinity Degree program and an optional M.A. This program encompasses the four dimensions of formation: human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral. The formation programs are described here. The course requirements for ordination are listed below:

BBL 510 Prophetic Literature (3)
BBL 511 Pentateuch & Historical Literature (3)
BBL 513 Psalms and Wisdom Literature (3)
BBL 515 Johannine Literature (3)
BBL 516 Pauline Literature (3)
BBL 517 Synoptic Gospels and Acts I (2)
BBL 517 Synoptic Gospels and Acts II (2)
Total: 19 credits

SYS 510 Fundamental Theology & Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics (4)
SYS 513 Ecclesiology and Missiology (3)
SYS 514 Anthropology, Sin & Grace (3)
SYS 515 Creation & Eschatology (3)
SYS 517 Mariology (2)
SYS 518 Ecumenism & Inter-religious Dialogue (2)
SYS 521 Triune God (3)
SYS 522 Christology & Soteriology (3)
Total: 23 credits

LST 513 Baptism and Confirmation (2)
LST 514 The Eucharist (3)
LST 516 Penance, Anointing & Burial (3)
LST 517 Sacrament of Marriage (2)
LST 518 Holy Orders and the Spiritual Life of the Priest (3)
LST 521 Sacramental Theology: Sacraments in General (2)
LST 522 Theology of Liturgy (3)
Total: 18 credits

MTH 512 Social Ethics (2)
MTH 513 Marriage, Family & Sexuality (3)
MTH 514 Medical Ethics (2)
MTH 515 Spiritual Theology & Spiritual Direction (3)
MTH 521 Fundamental Moral Theology I (2)
MTH 521 Fundamental Moral Theology II (2)
Total: 14 credits

HST 511 Patristic Church I (2)
HST 511 Patristic Church II (2)
HST 512 Medieval and Reformation Church (2)
HST 513 Modern and Contemporary Church (2)
HST 514 Catholic Church in the U.S. (2)
Total: 10 credits

PST 510 Pastoral Theology (3)
PST 512 Introduction to Canon Law (3)
PST 513 Sacramental Law (3)
PST 514 Introduction to Homiletics (3)
PST 515 Advanced Homiletics (3)
PST 516 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling (3)
PST 517 Religious Education (2)
PST 518 Pastoral Issues & Grief Counseling (4)
PST 519 Marriage Preparation and NFP (2)
PST 521 Supervised Ministry 1a (1)
PST 522 Supervised Ministry 1b (1)
PST 523 Supervised Ministry 2a (1)
PST 524 Supervised Ministry 2b (1)
PST 525 Supervised Ministry 3a (1)
PST 526 Supervised Ministry 3b (1)
PST 527 Supervised Ministry 4a (P/F)
PST 528 Supervised Ministry 4b (P/F)
Total: 31 credits

LPR 514 Sacred Music Practicum I (P/F)
LPR 514 Sacred Music Practicum II (P/F)
LPR 520 Deacon Practicum I (P/F)
LPR 520 Deacon Practicum II (P/F)
LPR 523 Priest Practicum I (P/F)
LPR 523 Priest Practicum II (P/F)

Theologians are required to complete one year of Latin. Those who have previously completed a year of Latin in college or pre-theology have no further language requirements. Latin, Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Spanish are offered as electives.
LNG 521 Greek I (3)
LNG 522 Greek II (3)
CSC 511 Graduate Research and Writing (1)
Total: 1-7 credits

Total: 8 credits (or 6 credits for M.A. students writing a thesis)

Program Total: 124-130 credits

Seminarians at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary can earn three degrees: the M.Div., the M.A. and, through the Gregorian University, the S.T.B. Some seminarians will graduate with only an M.Div., some will have an M.Div. and an S.T.B., and some will graduate with all three degrees. To streamline the summative evaluation process each student will have only one summative evaluation exercise. For further details see the Summative Evaluation Policy at: https://kenrick.edu/programs/kenrick-school-of-theology/curriculum/summative-evaluations-policy/

Master of Arts in Theology
at Kenrick School of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri

Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity, Interfaith Chaplaincy
at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California
Program Overview
The Interfaith Chaplaincy track within the M.Div. degree is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to become scholar-practitioners in chaplaincy, educated according to the highest standards and eligible to seek professional certification by the Association of Professional Chaplains and other such agencies.

Required Courses
Students use these courses for study in two or more religious/spiritual traditions. Students need to take classes in their own religious tradition (12-15 units) as well as taking courses in other religious traditions (6 units).
Please note that the Association of Professional Chaplains requires applicants to have depth in their own religious tradition in the following areas: History, Ethics, Scripture/Sacred Texts, and Theology/Philosophy/Teachings.

Theological Studies* (required) - 18-21 units
Sacred Texts (3-6 units)
Peoples of the Book (3 units)
Oral Tradition in World Religions (3 units)
History of a Particular Religious Tradition (3 units)
History of Native American Religions
Theology, Teaching, and Tenets (3 units)
Religious and/or Faith-based Ethics (3 units)
Two courses in another religious tradition (6 units)
The Baha'i Faith (3 units)
Jewish Ethnicity and Religion (3 units)
Interreligious Competencies - 9 units
TIR3001 Interreligious Dialogue and Leadership (January Interterm) (3 units)
TSC3064 Interfaith Care and Counseling (3 units)
TCT3XXX Comparative Theology (3 units)

Formation - 9 units
TSF3XXX Counseling Believers from Other Religions (3 units)
TSC3002 Clinical Pastoral Education (6 units)

Spiritual Care Requirements - 6 units
TSC3004 Theories/Practices of Spiritual Care (3 units)
TSC3035 Chaplaincy in Contexts (3 units)

Spiritual Care Electives - 12 units
Supporting Mixed-Faith Relationships (3 units)
Planning Interfaith Weddings (3 units)
Planning Interfaith Funerals (3 units)
End of Life Care (3 units)

Summative Course - 3 units
TRE3040 Vocational Praxis (Winter Interterm) (3 units)

Free Electives (remaining units to equal 72)
*UM students must take 12 units (5 courses) required for ordination - 12-15 units
Branches of Buddhism (3 units)
Shi'ite, Sunni, and Sufi (3 units)
Hinduism in India Today (3 units)
Religious Freedom in America (3 units)
Superpowers and Spirituality (3 units)

Min Sagong -- She has golden skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and long straight brown hair. She is North Korean. She speaks Korean and English. Min sought to escape North Korea but fell prey to human traffickers. They later sold her to Carl Bernhardt, who uses her primarily as a secretary, but also as sexual relief for employees. She stays locked in the basement of Ammon's house near Ava, Missouri. Quiet and obedient, Min tries to avoid attracting attention in hopes that the men will leave her alone.
Qualities: Good (+2) Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Good (+2) Obedient, Good (+2) Pretty, Good (+2) Quiet, Good (+2) Secretary
Poor (-2) Trafficking Victim

Sarah-Jane Sanders -- She has tan skin, brown eyes, and bleached blonde hair to her shoulders. She is tall and muscular. Sarah-Jane struggled to find physical jobs but kept getting passed over for men, which has left her with a chip on her shoulder. She wound up working for Carl Bernhardt because he doesn't care about her sex, only her brute force. She lives in Ammon's house near Ava, Missouri where she has the yellow bedroom with the treadmill. Cooking is the one womanly skill that Sarah-Jane actually does well.
Qualities: Good (+2) Enforcer, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Southern Cooking, Good (+2) Strength, Good (+2) Tough
Poor (-2) Chip on Her Shoulder

Derman Millsap -- He has tan skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair buzzed short. He is slender with wiry muscles. Derman joined the army and fought overseas for several years before successive head injuries sent him home permanently. Frustrated by poor job prospects, he took a job with Carl Bernhardt because that let him patrol the grounds with a gun, which he found familiar and satisfying as well as lucrative. Derman lives in Ammon's house where he has the yellow bedroom with the guns.
Qualities: Good (+2) Aim, Good (+2) Army Veteran, Good (+2) Enforcer, Good (+2) Strength, Good (+2) Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Poor (-2) Not the Sharpest Marble in the Stack

Garner Oates -- He has ruddy skin, brown eyes, and brown hair buzzed short. He is tall and sturdy. He is the husband of Roslyn. They live in the blue master bedroom of Ammon's house near Ava, Missouri. They work for Carl Bernhardt, managing horses. He is pushy, she is stubborn, which makes them surprisingly well matched. Garner played football in high school and joins pickup games in the park. He has a lot of friends among other local men.
Qualities: Good (+2) Football, Good (+2) Good Ol' Boy, Good (+2) Horseman, Good (+2) Naturalistic Intelligence, Good (+2) Tough
Poor (-2) Pushy

Roslyn Oates -- She has ruddy skin, gray eyes, and long straight blonde hair. She is sturdy with a large bust and narrower hips. She is the wife of Garner. They live in the blue master bedroom of Ammon's house near Ava, Missouri. They work for Carl Bernhardt, managing horses. She is stubborn, he is pushy, which makes them surprisingly well matched. Roslyn loves softball and plays when she can. She lives for herself and is not easily swayed by other people's opinions.
Qualities: Good (+2) Constitution, Good (+2) Horsewoman, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Resilient to Criticism, Good (+2) Softball
Poor (-2) Stubborn

* * *

"But in all the annals of human vice, no power is as destructive or demonic as perverted sincerity."
-- G. B. Caird

The staging area has a small parking lot and barn.

Ammon is staying on a farm of about 80 acres with a farmhouse, barns, pastures, woods, and pond.

The farmhouse has a porch.

The basement includes a kitchen, altar room, bedroom, and bathroom. Min Sagong stays locked in the basement.

On the main floor, the coatroom includes a safe. In the living room, the black leather easy chair belongs to Ammon. The dining room and kitchen are done in natural wood tones. The common bathroom is near the kitchen. Sarah-Jane has the yellow bedroom with treadmill. Derman has the yellow bedroom with guns. Garner and Roslyn share the blue master bedroom and its blue ensuite. Ammon's gothic bedroom also has an ensuite with gothic decorations. The office includes a desk, chair, and bookcases. The laundry room has a washer, dryer, and cabinets.

Outdoors, the barns connect with the pastures. One pasture includes a small pond with a gazebo. Some parts of the farm are forested.

St. Leo the Great Mission Church in Ava, Missouri has a prayer garden by the parking lot. Inside, lanterns hang from a high peaked roof.

The First Southern Baptist Church in Ava is a low brick building with a high white steeple. Here is a closeup of the sign.

A wooden bridge leads to the New Haven Native American Church. Rock balancing is a favorite hobby here. This stack holds at least 15 rocks. Sometimes the creek floods almost all the way up to the bridge. Several pavilions surround the Chapel Grove Picnic Area.

The Shambhala Center is an earthbag building. They teach shamanic yoga.

Vanzant is a small community in northeastern Douglas County, Missouri.

Gentryville is a small community on a narrow ridge in Douglas County, Missouri.

Missouri State University is in Springfield, Missouri. The Secular Student Alliance has a regular meeting hall.

See the Southern Baptist pin, Native American sacred circle pin, shamanic yoga pin, Buddhist dharma wheel pin, Unitarian Universalist pin, atheist atom pin, humanist pin, and Darwin fish pin.
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