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Ice Age Park

Some scientists are hoping to clone mammoths and other Ice Age creatures.  I'm all for it. 

But for fucksake DO NOT mix that with a tourist attraction.  DID NONE OF THESE PEOPLE WATCH ANY OF THE MOVIES?!  Let me simplify it with a picture instead.  Mammoths are big enough to squash people.  Saberteeth are big enough to eat people.  Never make something that can kill people and then put people in proximity with it.  That is mad science.  It's the plot of countless spec fic movies and novels.  You want people to see your cool things?  Take pictures.

Also, anyone who willingly puts themselves within reach of things that see humans as food is choosing to engage personally with the forces of evolution.  If you lose, you die, and it's nobody's fault but your own.  You want to see saberteeth? Look at pictures.

The stupid, it burns like hydrogen.  >_<
Tags: history, nature, news, safety, science, science fiction, wildlife
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