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Wild Pigs

Everyone is freaking out about wild pigs.  Okay, they're destructive.  But they don't need to be a problem.

For fucksake just declare them nongame animals that can be killed at will.  They're pigs.  People love eating pigs, and lots of people enjoy hunting them, which is often difficult and expensive when managed as game animals.  See a pig, kill a pig, eat a pig.  Plenty of poor people would love that.

Humans have hunted to extinction many species without even trying.  Never doubt their ability to destroy things.

In America, the problem is that states won't delist the damn things precisely because people like hunting them.  It's like the problem with bitching about foxes, but wanting to keep enough foxes to justify foxhunting.  If you don't want wild pigs, eat them all.  If you don't want to eat them all, STFU.

People are stupid.
Tags: news, science, wildlife
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