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Today's Adventures

We went out shopping today.

The parking lot at the mall was so full we stopped to take a look.  I haven't seen it that busy in years.  There are only a handful of holiday kiosks, and it didn't seem very crowded inside, but more people were moving around, so that's good.  Also there was a dance class of a couple dozen people, which is a promising sign.  They had the holiday village of figurines up, too, which is always fun to see.  :D  Also, there's a food booth again, which there wasn't for a while.  This ones sells fair food -- corn dogs, funnel cakes, shakeups, that sort of thing.  I've only seen one store like that before, in another mall, and I think they're nifty.  We plan to go back another day for some clothes shopping and lunch.

We ate supper at Denny's.  They have a great holiday platter, and we shared an apple crisp for dessert.

Then we drove through the local display of holiday lights, Mattoon Lightworks.  Everything is LED now.  There are a bunch of new figures this year.  The cement truck was particularly amusing.  :D  I'm happy to see more local businesses represented.  I dropped $5 in their donation bin.

We went grocery shopping too.  We'll need to go back out later in the week to get some fresh ingredients for a planned meal with friends. 
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