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Low-Calorie Foods

While researching something else, I came across this list of single ingredients -- mostly fruits and vegetables -- that have very few calories.  If you want to reach or maintain healthy weight, eating low-calorie fresh foods is better than ultraprocessed "diet foods."

Most herbs and spices also have very few calories in their usual amounts.  Our last Indian meal included a salad that consisted of some lettuce leaves, big spears of cucumber, and a few other bits all generously dusted with some blend of spices.  (We didn't get the name of the masala, but I imagine many different ones would work similarly.)  The powder stuck to the damp vegetables very well, and contrasted spectacularly with hot/dry against cold/wet.  That probably added no more than 5 calories, compared to the usual salad dressings.  If you want to avoid boredom in a healthy diet, herbs and spices are your friends, and don't be afraid to use them in unexpected ways.

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