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Today's Adventures

Today we went holiday shopping with my parents at the outlet mall.  Sadly, there's not much left of it, and the last kitchen store is closing.  :(  I think the only non-clothing store remaining will be Harry & David's. 

We did score a number of excellent items for the kitchen, including a Vitamix blender.  I wasn't sure just how much could really be done with a fancier blender, but the included cookbook is ~350 pages, so it will be exciting to find out.  :D  I also spotted a set of better lifting forks.  Our old ones have only 2 tines each, these have 4, and I imagine will work much better at hoisting fall-apart-tender food out of a crock. 

I found several pairs of socks and a few other odds and ends.  We got pears and ruby chocolate from Harry & David's.  I wish I'd thought to grab 2 bars so I'd have a spare to try baking with.

We plan to go out another day and do more shopping elsewhere.
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