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Poem: "A Recipe for Rabbit Pie"

This is today's freebie, inspired by rix_scaedu.

"A Recipe for Rabbit Pie"

To make rabbit pie,
first catch a rabbit.

You must know
your quarry
and its ways.

Kill it and skin it
and cut it in pieces.

Dig up roots to go with it,
the sweet carrots and
the pungent onions.

Find the wild wheat
and glean its seeds,
pound them to powder,
and make a crust.

To make rabbit pie,
first build an oven.

Take clay from
the riverbank and
bake it into bricks.

Stack them around
the glowing coals.

Make the dough
for the crust, put in
the meat and vegetables,
and leave it all to cook.

To make rabbit pie,
you must know both
the forest and the field.

Then the food will nourish
your body and your soul,
giving you lean muscle
and a good heart
for all your days.

* * *


Catching rabbits is a useful survival skill.

Here is a modern recipe for rabbit pie.

Wildcrafting can feed you a long list of things. Popular options include wild onions and wild carrots.

Wild wheat is tedious to gather and thresh, but has the advantage of storing well compared to most historic foods.

Know how to harvest clay, make bricks, and build an oven.
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