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December Bonus Points

According to an announcement on  [site community profile] dw_news:

For the month of December, all orders in the Shop of points and paid time
(whether for you or as a gift) will have 10% of your completed cart total
sent to you in points when you finish the transaction. For instance, if
you buy an order of 12 months of paid time for $35 (350 points), you'll
get 35 points when the order is complete, to use on a future purchase.

This bonus only applies to orders of paid time and points: rename tokens
and bonus icon slots don't receive bonuses. If you buy paid time for a
friend, the bonus points will be sent to you, not to them

So if you want to support my blog by contributing DW points, you can get some extra for yourself.  \o/
Tags: blogging, cyberfunded creativity, holiday, shopping
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