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We went out gaming with friends.  Neither of us have played Pathfinder before, but we've played D&D and various other systems, so I was reasonably familiar with it.  I still think some of the complexities are daffy, but it's playable.  It took us a long time to make characters, partly because the rulebook is badly written.  (After a while, they added so much extra stuff that they couldn't afford to reprint information everywhere it was needed, and the organization sucks.)  The setting was interesting, a cluster of four countries with a giant dustbowl in the middle.  We diced up a good party: melee ranger, missile ranger, cleric, barbarian. 

We actually wound up working quite well together, despite lack of familiarity -- a benefit that is not to be taken for granted in roleplay, as I have seen plenty of parties fail utterly.  People even managed flanking maneuvers several times.  It helps that the gamemaster established all-good alignment.  We got through a combat encounter and an exploratory encounter.  That gave us a chance to work out some how what we could do, party dynamics, and game system.  Fun. 
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