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Today's Adventures

Last night I went through my closet and filled two grocery bags with clothes. I filled one bag with mostly pants and one with mostly shirts, probably at least 8 each. 

Today we stopped at Goodwill and put them in the donation bin. \o/ Also I found some things to bring home. The gift must move!  I took 9 tops into the dressing room and bought 4: a red-green flannel, a turquoise flannel, a black-white-red argyle sweater, and a cream turtleneck with leaves and berries on it.  That's pretty typical for me; I'm hard to fit. The things that looked promising were all different sizes from petite to plus, I shit you not.  L-American sizes are a total farce, other than telling you which are supposed to be larger or smaller within a given garment.  >_<  I definitely came out ahead in terms of freeing up closet space. \o/

I hope that I will have time to do more in the soon future. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we always do a big shopping run at the outlet mall. Ideally, I would like to have an idea of what I need to search for, and space to put it away.

Something else I was delighted to see at the Goodwill Store: big boxes labeled Wiping Rags. Someone is cutting down the damaged clothes for rags. :D I think they'd do better selling those in bags or bundles of ~10 but in boxes they're probably catering to people with messy hobbies.

Bamca is back!  Our favorite Mexican restaurant has restored its taco bar format in a new location, sort of across from the castle in Charleston. *Numfar does the dance of joy*  So we stopped there for lunch.  You can actually make a healthy taco if you want to, such as: flour tortilla, chopped chicken, brown rice, black beans, cilantro, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese.  We are both thrilled.  If you are in central Illinois and love tacos, it's well worth a stop.  Very much like what I enjoyed so fondly in Mexico City.

We managed to locate some hard-to-find items while grocery shopping, too.  :D  Then we picked up a cookbook for the Instant Pot which we intend to browse on our next long car ride.

It has been a very productive day.
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