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Magpie Monday

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer is hosting Magpie Monday today, with a theme of "gratitude." Leave prompts, get ficlets!

This month, I’m returning to the goal of $75 worth of sponsored stories per prompt call, because it seemed such a long, hard slog to get there in October.

If I reach the goal, I’ll post the story I’m currently writing in between the more direct parts of the Broken Angels arc: Bennett’s Talk.

Yes, poor, blushing, Faster Blaster is HIDING in the basement with Edison Finn while this talk happens, but I promise not to warp his brain too much. For everyone reading, I think the fun will be staying in the category of gentle fiction using a boatload of innuendo and allusions. Bennett, for those who haven’t read the earlier parts, is in town to give the level zero “safe kink” talk to Faster Blaster’s whole gang, not just the sex workers


The first of November is also when all those charity barrels pop up at grocery store exits, schools, and even at the bank! So, in addition to my usual “spread the word to get more words” promotions, I am including a new method for getting extra words: donate an item to one of the bins near you.
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