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Today's Adventures

Today we met with my parents in Champaign.

We started by looking for a minifridge to replace one that wore out.  One we considered didn't have the dimensions listed on the box.  We found someone who looked like an employee and asked if he worked there.  He said that he did -- in optical -- and then offered to fetch a tape measure for us.  So adorable, if I were a corporation I would've tried to poach him.  Then when we were trying to figure out which direction was the depth and which was the width, he derived the answer by lifting and turning the box to feel where the compressor (the heavy part, which goes in the back) was located.  Helpful and  smart.  <3  It turned out the fridge was too wide for the available space, but I'm still fond of the memory.  We did find another minifridge to bring home, though, so that's done.

We watched a student dance performance together.  It started out with a soloist dancing in expressive mode.  He was amazingly good -- able to move very crisply or almost liquid, and could move each individual part of his body one at a time.  He also had quite a knack for energy work.  Regrettably, the rest of the time until intermission was taken up by adding another 16 people to that, which turned it into chaos.  The random wardrobe didn't help either.  Expressive dance is great for therapy, but it's very difficult to make that entertaining and meaningful for other people to watch.

However, the dance after that was much better: a women's dance with clusters of dancers trotting past each other in patterns.  The costuming was better too, with flowing tunics and pants, mostly gray with an underlayer of red, green, or blue-violet. I liked the bright pops of color, and the women reminded me of the nymphs of Artemis, both graceful and powerful.

The last dance was another expressive one, but this one made perfect sense: all dancers of color, with a theme of fighting back against bad tape that said they were nothing.  What do you do when someone tells you that you shouldn't exist?  You take up MORE SPACE.  So that worked very well.  I was amused by the white outfits with red sneakers too.

On the way home, we stopped to get groceries.  I finally found some long-sleeved tops that more-or-less fit, so I bought four of them: red, blue, white, gray.

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