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Vermont Apron Company

I stumbled across this while looking for something else.  The Vermont Apron Company makes aprons for a variety of practical purposes.  I'm not sure if all of them have pockets, but most visibly do.  I call your attention to the gathering aprons.  I remember these -- something I've made in many lives when I got tired of tying my shirt up to hold things.  They have sizes from XS to 5X, plus children, and their models include genuinely party-size people not just average-size-14, so there should be something for almost everyone.

What they don't have, and I had to hunt elsewhere, is an egg-gathering apron.  This type has many small pockets.  It is essential to put elastic around the top, so the eggs don't fall out when you bend down to reach a new one, although almost all the pictures I saw had none.  So if you buy, be careful to look for that feature.
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