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Baby Biker

While running errands today, a guy passed us on a very loud motorbike, all dressed in black leather -- passed us at a very high speed on a straight road.

Then came the curve.  He slowed waaayyy down ... and made the curve perfectly upright, without leaning into it at all.

He did the same thing to turn a corner.  I laughed until I ran out of air.  I mean, here he is, trying to be a total badass, and he can't corner properly.

We concluded that he's a baby biker.  (Technically, an older guy, with long graying hair.  But still.)  He probably just bought the damn thing.  I hope he doesn't kill himself with it.   Not to mention that plain leather, without skid plates, may look tough but isn't the most damage-resistant thing one can wear.
Tags: humor, personal
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