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Notes for "A Different Vision of Life"

These are the notes for "A Different Vision of Life."

Rumoroso (Tulliu Deodato) -- He has olive skin, brown eyes, and short black hair with just a little wave. As an infant, he was abandoned in an alley in Sicily, where the Marionettes discovered him and adopted him. He seems to be of Sicilian or perhaps Italian heritage. He speaks English, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Italian, Maltese, Sicilian, and Spanish. Rumoroso works for the Marionettes in many different roles related to his vocal powers. He can shout the walls down, or delicately mimic someone's voice. He is quite the conversationalist, engaging in any language.
Origin: Unknown, but likely born with his powers.
Uniform: Casual men's clothes. Rumoroso tends to wear through fabric rapidly, so he usually has frayed edges and hanging threads on everything. As a result, he doesn't bother much with nice clothes.
Qualities: Good (+2) Endurance, Good (+2) Honor, Good (+2) Languages, Good (+2) Mobster, Good (+2) Musical Intelligence
Poor (-2) Nosy
Powers: Good (+2) Voice Manipulation
Applications include Audiographic Memory, Enhanced Roar, Hypnotic Voice, Multiple Voices, Persuasion, Super-Ventriloquism, Vocal Replication, Voice Masking, and Voice Projection.
Limitation: His abilities only work when he can speak. Some effects, such as Persuasion, also require the subject to hear. Others, such as Enhanced Roar, can work on people who can't hear or even inanimate objects.
Vulnerability: Rumoroso is very sensitive to being able to speak and make himself understood. If he can't -- due to voice suppressing powers, illness, etc. -- then he feels helpless and uneasy. Even a language gap makes him uncomfortable.
Motivation: Loyalty to the Family.


The most common are names of months (so Di Maggio, D'Aprile), holidays, or events indicating birth outside marriage, namely D'Ignoti (unknown parents), Trovato (foundling), Esposito (from ex positum, "of this place"), Proietti ("cast out"), Di Dio (of God), Deodato (God-given), Mulé (literally "mule" but often a reference to a child of unknown parentage).

Silencio (Neron Orabano) -- He has tinted skin, light brown eyes, and black hair with just a little wave. Sometimes his hair flops over his eyes. He has a compact body, with well-defined muscles and an angular face. Neron is Puerto Rican, with ancestry from Portugal and Corsica among others. He is deaf, using Puerto Rican Sign Language to communicate, and also literate in Spanish and English. He has an easy time picking up women and a hard time holding onto them. His work life often interrupts his private life. He grew up Protestant, but is not particularly devout.
Silencio is a superhero who specializes in fighting supervillains with sonic powers or gizmos. He has a supernary sidekick, Melazo, as a translator. They do some consulting for SPOON, but mostly they work through Puerto Rican police as sonic weapons are popular on the island. Silencio can frontload and backload calories. His method of choice is eating avocados the way other people eat apples.
Origin: When he was a boy, his parents enrolled him in an experimental program intended to restore hearing to deaf children. It did nothing for his hearing, but it did give him superpowers. The sonic dampening grew in very quickly, while he was still in testing to determine whether he had gained any hearing, so the effects were very obvious. It took him a lot longer to gain control because he couldn't hear what he was doing. The super-strength came gradually, developing in his early twenties, and proved easier to master because he gets tactile feedback from it.
Uniform: Black dexflan unitard with blue and white trim. He doesn't wear a mask, because he is very well known and respected for his work.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Criminal Psychology, Good (+2) No-Gi Judo, Good (+2) Sailor, Good (+2) Sultry
Poor (-2) Love Life
Powers: Expert (+4) Sonic Damper, Good (+2) Super-Strength

* * *

“A different language is a different vision of life.”
-- Federico Fellini

The compound is in Calabria, near Sicily.

Read a description of the guest house.

The pool beside the hospice house is primarily reserved for water therapy. The deep end of the pool has a ladder for access. It has a short diving block instead of a diving board and a diving well depth of about 12 feet.  The shallow end has several steps extending the full width of the pool. It starts at about 2 1/2 feet deep, then 3, then 3 1/2, then four at the end of the steps. From there it slopes to 5 feet at the far edge. A steeper slope at the corner of the L leads to the deep end.

The hospice house has a patio with a sea view.  The balcony also has a sea view.  In the background you can see part of the swimming pool, a row of lounges, and the outdoor kitchen.  The patio has stairs leading up to the main floor as well as a walk-in basement door.

In the basement, the laundry room includes a washer and dryer, sink, countertop, and storage cabinets. An elevator provides easy access to all levels of the hospice house.  The sitting room has chairs, a loveseat, a fireplace, and a small viewscreen. A staircase leads up to the main floor of the house.  The kitchenette has space for making coffee, tea, and other beverages and storing pastries or other snacks.

On the main floor, the living room has a fireplace and an entertainment center.  The common bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and shower. The kitchen has a stove, sink, and glass-front cabinets. There is a freestanding wine rack and chopping block. The refrigerator is not visible, off the right edge of the image.  The dining room has a table with ten chairs.

The red bedroom has a king-size bed and an entertainment center.  The orange bedroom has a full-size bed with a dresser and end tables.  The yellow bedroom has a full-size bed, a tall wardrobe, and end tables.  The yellow guest bathroom includes a toilet, sink, bidet, and bathtub with shower.  The green bedroom has two twin beds and a viewscreen.  The blue bedroom has two twin beds made up as one larger bed plus a dresser.  The blue guest bathroom has a sink, bidet, toilet, and shower.  The care bedroom has a hospital bed with monitoring equipment and an accessible ensuite with a toilet, roll-in shower, and sink.

Upstairs, the rec room includes craft sinks, a pool table, and a shuffleboard table.  The white bedroom includes a full-size bed, end tables, a wardrobe, and a futon.  The pink bedroom has two twin beds, a table and a chair.  The upstairs bathroom has a sink, bidet, toilet, and bathtub.

Outdoors, the hospice house has a dining room and kitchen.  A wide path leads to a table in the garden.

The guest house adjacent to the hospice house has been turned into a clinic.

The bathroom lies to the right of the foyer and is part of the waiting room.  The waiting room lies to the left of the reception desk. It has an assortment of couches and chairs, with tables full of magazines.  The reception desk is on the right side of the waiting room, with a desk and chair in front of record storage. Many of the records are Secure On Paper Only.

The exam room is just past the waiting room, across from the procedure room. It has a sink and cabinets, a computer stand, chairs, and an exam bed.  The procedure room is past the reception desk, across from the exam room. It has a sink, a rolling gurney, counters, and assorted equipment.

The brown bedroom is beyond the exam room, across from the blue bedroom. It has a sink, several chairs, a couch, and a patient bed.  The blue bedroom is beyond the procedure room, across from the brown bedroom. It has several chairs, a viewscreen, and a patient bed.  The counseling room is past the brown bedroom, across from the shared office. It includes a built-in bookcase, desk and chair, easy chair, and couch.

The shared office is past the blue bedroom. It has built-in cabinets over a wraparound desk with multiple workstations.  It has a kitchenette with coffee and other beverages, sometimes also snacks.

There is a "language window" in the brain such that it is easiest to acquire in early infancy, still easy through much of childhood, becomes harder during puberty, and for most people closes at the end of puberty. Learning languages is typically difficult or impossible in adulthood. The reason is that brain tissue is expensive and so are abilities, in a biological sense. So the body turns on each sequence as needed and then turns it off, rather than trying to run them all at once and risk shorting out the system, creating a series of developmental opportunities. However, some people have higher linguistic intelligence and/or their window stays open longer. In Terramagne, telepathy offers a way to restore that earlier openness to new languages -- but it comes with the original cost. Infants are utterly riveted by unfamiliar phonemes, hence Glyn's distraction when given a core and then prompted to learn as a baby learns. Griffin gets a smaller core and a shorter shift, about to the preteen stage, so it's not as much of a strain.

A crash course in Italian for travelers can run 90 minutes, 2 days, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks.  Browse the basics, take brief lessons, or choose more detailed lessons.  Get a phrasebook or a book of first words.

There are travel calendars as apps and templates.  See pages for 7 days by hours, 7 days with food plans, 7 days with short details, 1 day by hours with longer details, ideas and suggestions, research and ideas, travel details, bucket list, and what we're wearing.

This video shows an Italian Tyrol cycle ride.  Here is a Tuscany videoTuscany is part of Italy.

Relax with sea sounds or Italian landscape sounds.

Birds of Italy include house sparrowsMigration brings many more species as Italy is a main migration route to Africa.

Muscle cramps can be treated with various methods including massage.  Know how to deal with back cramps and foot cramps.  Cramps often occur with growth spurts and other bodily changes.  In Terramagne, healing and other superpowers can cause cramps as an after-effect while the body adjusts to the changes, especially in systemic changes like Griffin's souped-up sex alignment.

Progressive relaxation reduces stress, provides other benefits, and treats a wide range of complaints.  Learn how to do progressive relaxation with classic and casual scripts, or listen to a video with instructions.

Italian bathrooms are different from American ones.  Know how to use an Italian bathroom including a bidet.

Easy-to-digest foods include dolmades with lamb and rice, chicken, pasta, buttered toast, eggs, avocado, and yogurt with fresh fruit.  Pickled vegetables may be made hot pack or cold pack.  You can make a yogurt bar or even your own yogurt.

Prebiotic foods have many benefitsProbiotics also have benefits, and here are some good foods in that group.

Learning a foreign language does good things for your mind. Because language influences worldview, learning a new one tends to broaden your perspective.

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