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Thursday Yardening

Today is sunny and warm.  I saw a squirrel at the hopper feeder this morning, and a blue jay flying when I went outside.

Round One, I planted 7 scilla in the wildflower garden. 

EDIT 10/17/19 -- Round Two, I gathered wildflower seeds from partridge pea, blackberry lily, and northern sea oats.  Some I saved in envelopes for a friend.  Some I sowed in the prairie garden.

EDIT 10/17/19 -- Round Three, I planted 7 more scilla in the wildflower garden.  This concludes the currently purchased bulbs, although I may get more if I find any.  The places I usually shop haven't had many this year, and at least one Wal-Mart didn't get any at all.  :/  I never did find time to get up to Prairie Gardens and buy a cartload of small herbivore-resistant bulbs.  Mostly what I put out this year were scads of narcissus from Dad.  I'm looking forward to how those bloom in spring.  :D

The blue jays were screaming at each other in the prairie garden.  I heard at least three, maybe more.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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