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How to Render Fat

This article explains how to render fat, aiming toward neutral flavor.  This is important if you want to use it for baking.

However, that's not always what you want.  Bacon grease is meant to be browned until flavorful, although it can come out anywhere from creamy almost-white to a rich reddish-brown.  If you like bacon flavor, you can then spread it on cornbread.  You can use it to coat venison, fish, or anything else that doesn't have much of its own fat.  You can cook with it, adding a spoonful to things like ham-and-beans.  I like to fry eggs in it.  Also, if you're feeding it to cats so they don't get hairballs, the more bacony it is, the more eager the cats will be to eat it.  I have yet to see a cat who doesn't make a beeline for bacon grease, whereas some of them dislike commercial hairball goo.

Oh, and don't throw out the browned bits when you render fat.  Cracklin's good.  Use them on a casserole or salad for a rich, crunchy, carb-free topping.  \o/
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