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Improved Diet Improves Mood

This study indicates that improving diet can improve mood for people with depression.  The diet described in the article sounds reasonable, and overlaps some things I've seen in other writing about uplifting foods.

If you know why you're depressed -- frex, people are hurting you or you have bad tape from you past -- then diet probably won't fix all that.  But it might make things easier to deal with.  If you have no idea why you're depressed, then it could be subtle factors like diet, because nutrients in food are necessary to make important brain chemicals.  Diet is something you control for yourself, not something you need anyone else's permission to tinker with if you think it might help.  Also, some people find that just taking care of themselves helps them feel better, especially if others have neglected or abused them in the past.  Unlike drugs, changing your diet is a low-risk solution and has other health benefits even if it doesn't improve your mood.  So if your mood sucks, look at your current diet.  If your diet sucks too, then improving it is well worth considering.   
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