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Community Building Tip: Routing People to Resources

For my current set of tips, I've decided to use the one I wrote based on how to make your hometown more like Bluehill in Terramagne-America. I took a close look at the town's positive features with an eye toward replicating them here with local resources.

* Just routing people TO the local resources is a big help -- look how many people keep inviting Turq to do things or take things. This is preferable to leaving him on the street to starve and steal things. The society is actually designed like a Tesla fluid valve, making it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing. Everything is arranged to route people back toward civilization if they slip, instead of forcing them farther away. You can routinely save lives, and occasionally save the world, just by talking to lonely damaged people.

This is a Tesla fluid valve. It's a gizmo that facilitates flow in one direction while impeding flow in the other direction, with no moving parts. Watch a video of how it works. This is why T-America can have nice things.

What are the local resources in your town, county, state, or other geographic region? Find resources near you. See the previous posts on survival needs and basic needs for important resources. Know the resources in your area so you can use them or refer people to them as needed. Many will offer business cards or other things you can carry with you. Magnets can be lined up on your refrigerator.

It is much easier to keep people in than to bring them back in after they have fallen out. This holds true across a wide range of contexts from housing to health care. It is vital to keep people in homes, and the homeless should be offered housing-first assistance before any other expectations. When many people in L-America are switching health providers or getting shut out of care, improved access to self-medication and other rights would keep more of them in the health care system where assistance is more available.

Make opportunities to invite people to hang out, go to a party, or do other things together. Encourage people to spend time with you. Reach out to someone who may be lonely, shy, anxious, depressed, an introvert, an outcast, or otherwise isolated. Aim to be as inclusive as feasible.

Know how to encourage people to accept help. Understand that they have a right to refuse, and may do so for valid reasons. There are ways to help someone who doesn't want help.
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