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Eating Red Meat and Processed Meat

... is fine for most people.  The health impacts from reducing it were minimal at best.  So unless you have a specific health reason (e.g. you need a low-protein diet) there is probably little if any health benefit to reducing meat consumption. (The studies did not calculate other factors such as animal welfare or environmental impact.)  This is plausible giving indications of humanity's evolution to eat both meat and plants (e.g. dentition, digestive system, expansion of brain case after shifting to a meatier diet due to climate change).

I would, however, consider pure meat safer than processed meat.  Highly processed foods have a lot of problems, and can cause a lot of problems.  If you're standing between a food truck that sells bison burgers and one that sells hot dogs, buy the bison burger even if it costs more.  But something like smoked salmon is probably fine.
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