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Doll Clothes Patterns

Following the post on Creatable World dolls, I thought folks might like some patterns for clothes to fit 11" dolls. You may need to tweak the details a bit to make them fit a specific doll body, so consider testing new patterns with cheap fabric before using the good stuff.  These include masculine, feminine, and unisex garments from a variety of cultures and time periods.  Consider how to choose clothes for gender.  I even scraped up a few instructions to make adaptive equipment for differently-abled dolls.

General Instructions:

Dress Barbie, Dress Yourself

How to Fit a Torso Sloper for Custom Doll Clothing Patterns

How to Measure a Doll for Clothes and Fit Patterns

Make a Basic Pant Sloper Pattern for Any Size, Scale or Shape of Doll

Tips for Sewing Tiny Doll Clothes

Translate a Clothing Pattern to Doll Proportions



Ball Gown

Barbie Christmas Outfit (knit)

Barbie Crochet Hat and Scarf

Barbie Reversible Circle Skirt

Barbie Skirt A-line

Barbie Skirt (no-sew with ribbon or yarn)

Barbie Skirt (several styles)

Barbie Skirts (knit)

Barbie Sleeping Bag

Barbie Striped Skirt and Top (knit)

Barbie Top and Skirt

Barbie Vertical Striped Skirt (knit)

Barbie Wardrobe (will probably need adjustments)

Boots and Shoes

Crochet Brassieres to Dresses

Crochet Panties

Curvy Barbie Doll Clothes

Disney Prince Tank Top and Shorts (says it also fits Disney Princess & Barbie)

Disney Princess Doll Clothes

Doll Pants (5 patterns)

Doll Swimsuit (several styles, adjustable size)
(Is anyone else thinking about making a doll swimsuit with a Bareskin top and trunks?)

Fashion Doll Knitting Patterns

Gathered Skirt

Halloween Costumes

Historic Clothes

Historical Ken Doll Clothes

How to Make Adaptive Equipment for Dolls (videos)

How to Make Doll Eyeglasses (with paper and tape, video)

How to Make Doll Eyeglasses (with craft wire)

How to Make Doll Prosthetic Leg

How to Make Forearm Crutches for Your Lammily Doll

Jeans (adjustable for any size doll)

Ken Doll Date Clothes

Kwanzaa Doll Clothes

Leggings (adjustable for any size doll)

Little Doll Pants (adjustable size)

Long-sleeved Shirt (adjustable for any size doll)

Male Fashion Doll Jeans and Dress Shirt

Modern Ken Doll and Articulated Ken Doll Clothes

Peasant Blouse for Any Doll

Project MC2 Doll Clothes

Skirt with Ruffle

Suit and Tie

Tiered Skirt Equations (make a full-size or doll-size pattern)


Wendy or Barbie Knitted Outfits
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