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Today's Adventures

It was a beautiful fall day today, sunny and mild.  We went out to run errands.

First we stopped at Rural King to look for fall bulbs.  I picked up some fringed tulips for the purple-and-white garden, some Rembrandts that will probably go around the barrel garden, and Dutch iris that I may put by the parking lot.  And some Faygo.

Evidently I was invisible for a while in the store.  I asked an employee where the flower bulbs were.  He yelped, jumped, scrabbled on the slick floor, and nearly fell over.  He hadn't seen me standing within arm's reach, until I spoke.

Then we went out to the lake for a walk.  The butterfly garden that was a near-barren circle of soil in spring is now, even past its peak, festooned with flowers.  I saw black-eyed Susan, coreopsis, zinnias, sedum, purple asters, frost asters, and some others I didn't recognize.  Beside the trail I spotted goldenrod, marigold, Queen Anne's lace, clover, and other wildflowers.  Among the butterflies we saw buckeyes, painted ladies, cabbage whites, and monarchs.  There were many bees about -- honeybees mostly, a few bumblebees, and smaller natives.  From the number of honeybees I suspect a bee-tree nearby, because they don't travel a great distance.  We saw a lot of birds, too: a great honking flock of geese, a few ducks, a flock of vultures, and so forth.

The lake was very pretty, with fish splashing here and there.  I was quite taken by the afternoon light on the eastern trees; it would have been perfect for plein air painting.  Regrettably all the rest stops are on the west side of the path, which is fine for a morning session, but in the afternoon you'd be facing the sun and the backlit trees are not impressive.  You need the light behind you.  But on the east edge, it's either set up in the rocks or on the path.  :/  Still a lovely place, though.  I couldn't help thinking of Shiv and how his new interest in hiking will likely lead to a passion for plein air.

After that we ate supper at KFC.  We got a different combination of things, and I added corn as a side dish because the walk had made me hungry.  That's a combination I think I'll repeat, because it's easy to add a vegetable to what is otherwise not a terrifically healthy meal of fried chicken.  And there's a leftover drumstick.

Finally we did the grocery shopping.  We're stocked up for the next week or so.

All in all, a good day.  :D
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