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Gender-flexible Dolls

Check out the new Creatable World dolls by Mattel.  Although described as gender neutral, they really aren't; they include accessories to express a wide spectrum of genders, which makes them gender-flexible instead.  However, the facial features and body shape do a great job of mimicking the androgynous appearance of pre-pubertal humans.  In a nod to ball-jointed doll fans and photo-illustrators, the dolls bend at many joints for easy posing.  They also offer different skin tones and hair styles.  Each doll comes with a variety of wigs, clothes, and other accessories for about $30 a box.  That's a very good deal for the quality and content range included.  Regrettably the clothes don't mix-and-match well, but that's easy to fix with more clothes, which will doubtless appear over time (or you could make your own).  Since they all have the same base structure, I expect you could mix-and-match across the boxes for even more variety.  This would make a great gift for genderflexy kids -- or anyone wanting to explore photo-illustration without the ruinous cost of high-end poseable dolls.

This kind of toy is common in Terramagne, where it's used to explore personal expression, life skills such as composing a wardrobe, and storytelling.  I'm delighted to see it here.  \o/
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