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Location notes for "Broken Angels"

These are the location notes for "Broken Angels."

Faster Blaster's lair is a house with a full-width front porch. The yard includes a large maple tree.

Note that the lair is not finished yet, and these pictures show the version in progress. Most of the basement hasn't been done yet, just some new appliances are going in, plus the latest purchases.

The basement stairs lead to the laundry room, patch room, and gym on one side; plus the workshop, family room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom on the other side. The laundry room has a washer, a dryer, and a chest freezer. The patch room includes an exam bed, a rolling stool, high-intensity lamps, and several carts of first aid supplies. The gym features a television cart in one corner, a heavy bag, free weights and weightlifting benches, a balance dome, gymnastic rings, box-jumping frames, a crossfit frame, a treadmill, a stationary bicycle, and exercise balls. The workshop includes cabinets, counters, and racks for storing household tools. The family room includes a black futon, a gray futon, and a ping-pong table. This view of the family room shows the cube shelves, dresser, and toy storage. The quote on the wall says "Take these broken wings and learn to fly." A dining table with matching chairs fills one end of the family room. The basement kitchen has a sink, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and a second washer-dryer set. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, and shower plus built-in shelves. The basement bedroom belongs to Cas and Hali. It includes a queen-size bed, end table, dresser, dressing rack, cedar chest, stacking bins of toddler clothes, toddler bed, and floor lamp.

Much of the main floor furniture hasn't arrived yet, but they're adding more.

The foyer has the staircase going up to the second floor. The living room is filled with mismatched furniture including hardwood end tables, a trunk serving as a coffee table, two easy chairs, and a corner couch. There is also a woodstove. The dining room has a hardwood table and matching chairs. The kitchen features a sink, dishwasher, stove, microwave oven, and refrigerator. An island provides extra work space. The butler's pantry provides dish storage and another sink. The music room is what used to be the parlor, dressed up with salvaged materials including the stained glass window. It has a piano, some electronic equipment, and several chairs. The powder room has a sink, a toilet, and a medicine chest. The enclosed back porch has cube shelves and dressers for storage.

The upstairs is fully furnished already, as Faster Blaster started there.

A hallway connects the rooms on the second floor. The common bathroom at the landing has a sink with counter, a toilet, a medicine chest, and a bathtub with a fixed showerhead. The office at the front of the house includes a computer desk and chair, printer stand, minifridge, and other equipment. The bunkroom is on the left side of the house according to the street view. It has two twin-over-full bunks with four tall narrow dressers on the opposite wall. Each bunk includes a narrow wardrobe under the ladder for hanging clothes. The guest bedroom at the back of the house has a daybed facing a bookcase and a chair. The master bedroom is on the right side of the house according to the street view. It has a king-size bed, end tables, a cedar trunk, a rocking chair, an easy chair, and a dresser. The master bathroom has a sink, toilet, and shower.

The back of the house has an enclosed porch with a large deck. The back yard includes a small patch of lawn. A smooth concrete patio covers most of the space between the garage and the gun workshop, with a basketball hoop and a sandbox. A wooden fence separates the back yard from the alley, across which neighboring houses can be seen. An iron arbor leads to the gate. The gun workshop has windows and air conditioning. Inside, it features workbenches, lockers, gun safes, and gun racks. The garage fills the back left corner of the yard. Here you can see the patio beside the garage.

Faster Blaster's empty lot has a new trash can, park bench, and picnic table. The loose parts area has developed near the picnic table. Children benefit from playing with loose parts, even just random stuff picked off the ground. See the floor plan, exterior, and interior of the bunkhouse. Here is the floor plan, outside, and inside of the showerhouse.

The BBQ Shack stands near the empty lot. Inside, it has a few tables and chairs. Read the menu.

The Gift Must Move is a thrift store in Lincoln, Nebraska. Inside, the main room holds clothes and books. The fitting room is made from old doors. This section has more books. More clothes fill this corner. The craft section has lots of yarn along with equipment like a loom. The entertainment area sells movies and video games. This room has the housewares. Shoes fill another section. The toy area has something for all ages. Furniture is in the back. The tribal section carries baskets, jewelry, craft supplies, and spiritual supplies such as smudge sticks.

The Broken Angels have a van. See the side view with door closed and open. Inside, it has rows of seats. From the back you can see cargo space and how the removable seats fasten to the floor. The van has floor channels to hold seats or other fixtures. It has a maximum capacity of 15 passengers. It comes with 2 single seats, 2 double seats, 2 triple seats, and one quadruple seat. The van can accommodate seats, wheelchairs, stretchers, mattresses, or quite a large amount of cargo.
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