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Character notes for "Dissolving the Barrier"

These are the character notes for "Dissolving the Barrier."

Ned Sterling -- He has pinkish-fair skin, gray eyes, and brown hair buzzed short. He is tall and strong, with broad shoulders and a square face. His father was a cop and his mother was a crook, so the two sides of the family don't get along well. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where he works as a policeman. He does a lot of citizen outreach, and has a knack for establishing connections with skittish people.
Qualities: Good (+2) Christian, Good (+2) Cop, Good (+2) Interpersonal Intelligence, Good (+2) Rapport, Good (+2) Strength
Poor (-2) Family Drama

Gregg Osborne -- He has fair skin, blue eyes, and brown hair buzzed short. He is slim with a triangular face. Gregg lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where he recently joined the police force. He knows the culture of his state well, but he views everything with suspicion and has not yet learned how to distinguish between things better left alone and things that need to be stopped.
Qualities: Good (+2) Athletic, Good (+2) Brave and Bold, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Nebraska Culture, Good (+2) Observant
Poor (-2) Suspicious

See the interior of a Lincoln police car.

Cassiel "Cas" Hansen -- He has pale skin, blue eyes, and short wavy blond hair. He is tall and skinny. He is 17 years old. His birthday is January 20, putting him in Aquarius on the cusp of Capricorn. Cas is the father of Hali, and was the boyfriend of her mother Evie Neihardt.
Origin: Cas never believed his birth mother's story that she conceived him with an angel, but after he saw his daughter's wings, he began to wonder if she was telling the truth.
Uniform: Scruffy boy's clothes, whatever he can find in a thrift store or a clothing bank.
Qualities: Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Gentle, Good (+2) Homemaker, Good (+2) Thief
Poor (-2) Abuse Survivor
Powers: (latent nephil)
Motivation: To keep his daughter safe.

Nephilim are human/angel hybrids. Nephilim Physiology resembles Angel Physiology. This is usually obvious, but occasionally it skips a generation.

Read about the zodiac and signs. Cas is on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn, showing some traits from each.

Pahalia "Hali" Hansen -- She has pinkish-fair skin, blue eyes, and short straight blonde hair. She has angel wings, although the left was badly broken at the humerus and no longer hangs properly. She is 18 months old. She is the daughter of Cas and his deceased girlfriend. Hali is adorable in a cherubic way, which adults often appreciate; but the wings make it impossible for her to fit in, and other children can be incredibly cruel.
Origin: Hali was born with her wings, and may develop other abilities later. Her father Cas never believed his birth mother's story that she conceived him with an angel, but after he saw his daughter's wings, he began to wonder if she was telling the truth.
Uniform: Play clothes, with the tops cut open in back and tied around her wings.
Qualities: Good (+2) Adorable, Good (+2) Virtuous
Poor (-2) Fitting In
Powers: Average (0) Nephil
Hali is a nephil, with both angelic and mortal heritage. She was born with angel wings and may manifest more angelic features later.
Motivation: To explore.

Compare wing anatomy for an angel and a bird.

This chart shows child development milestones for physical skills. At 18 months, Hali can twist easily while sitting, walk (and is starting to try running), grasp things with thumb and forefinger, look at small pictures, and understand simple words.

This chart shows child development milestones for mental and social skills. At 18 months, Hali can use single words, do simple things when asked, drink from a glass, take off bottom (but not top) clothes, hold interest in activities, and imitate people.

Evie Neihardt -- She had fair skin, blue eyes, and long straight hair of dark blonde. She was the girlfriend of Cas Hansen and mother of Hali. Evie died giving birth to Hali due to the wings. Nobody knew about them because the family was too poor to afford prenatal care.
Qualities: Good (+2) Emotional Intelligence, Good (+2) Girlfriend, Good (+2) Graceful
Poor (-2) Broke

Allen Basswood -- He has ruddy skin, dark blue eyes, and short ash-brown hair with a mustache and beard. He is big and tall. He is 45 years old. He spent ten years working as the superhero Power Sprout from age 15 to 25. Then he fell in love and retired to become a blue-plate landscaper, although he still thinks of himself as a superhero. Allen graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a major in Sustainability and a minor in the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program. He has four children: a son (19), a daughter (16), a son (12), and a daughter (8). He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where he runs BOSS: Basswood Outdoor Sustainability Service. He pays well, but he makes a horrible boss.
Origin: As a teen, Allen started a lawn care business. He mixed his own agrochemicals, and an accident with them led to him developing Plant Powers. As a result of this, he no longer uses agrochemicals and instead uses all organic materials.
Uniform: On duty, he wears a henley with the BOSS logo over other work clothes. Off duty, he wears practical men's clothes, often in shades of blue.
Qualities: Good (+2) Ambitious, Good (+2) Intimidate, Good (+2) Landscaper, Good (+2) Naturalistic Intelligence, Good (+2) Strength
Poor (-2) Boss From Hell
Powers: Good (+2) Plant Powers
Motivation: Sustainable growth.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
In Terramagne, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a Sustainability Major. The core classes are sustainability focused, the electives can come from any sustainability-related options, and each student chooses one immersive experience. Students may also choose to specialize by taking 5 classes on a particular topic (Architecture and Engineering, Food, or People and Politics) beginning with the 3 focus classes and adding 2 electives.

Completed classes are in green.

CORE CLASSES (15 credits)
Each student must take all of the Core Classes.
METR 180 Environment, Energy and Climate Change 3
ENVR 201 Science, Systems, Environment and Sustainability 3
AGRI 282 Introduction to Global Agricultural and Natural Resources Issues 3
ENVR 334 Psychology of Environmental Sustainability 3
NRES 409/829 Human Dimensions of Natural Resources 3

One course should cover a topic in architecture or engineering.
AREN 102 Sustainable Buildings 3
CIVE 326 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 3
CONE 450/850 Sustainable Construction 3

FOOD CLASS (3 credits)
Students choose one class that covers food issues.
AECN 346 World Food Economics 3
ANTH 429A/829A Food Security: A Global Perspective 3
AGRO 439/839 Organic Farming and Food Systems 3

One class explores the challenges of sustainability in conflict with human wants and needs.
ENVR 249 Individual and Cultural Perspectives on the Environment 3
GEOG 450/850 Climate and Society 3
ANTH 476/876 Human Rights, Environment, and Development 3

ELECTIVES (13 hours)
Students choose electives from sustainability-related classes.
AGRO 361 Soils, Environment and Water Quality 3
ECON 340 Introduction to Urban-Regional Economics 3
ECON 389 Current Economic Issues 3
MNGT 414 Leadership in a Global Context 3
AGRO 427/827 Turfgrass Systems Management 3

Each student chooses a class that provides practical experience.
HORT 488/888: Business Management for Agricultural Enterprises (3 credits)
Crosslisted as AGRO 488/888, EAEP 488/888, ENTR 488/888, ABUS 488
HORT 488/888 requires the completion of a shadowing assignment and the analyses of case studies.
Research a specific agricultural enterprise. Develop and present a business plan using materials from the primary area of interest.

Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program Minor

18-Credit-Hour Plan
EAEP 101 Introductory Seminar on Opportunities in Entrepreneurship 2
EAEP 275 / AECN 275 / AGRO 275 / ENTR 275 / HORT 275 Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Finance 3
EAEP 388 / ABUS 388 / AGRO 388 / ENTR 388 / HORT 388 Business Systems in Entrepreneurship 3
EAEP 488 / ABUS 488 / AGRO 488 / ENTR 488 / HORT 488 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development 3

Credit Hours Subtotal: 11

Select 7 hours of the following: 7
EAEP 395 Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Internship
ENTR 322 / MNGT 322 Family Business
ENTR 423 / MNGT 423 Business Plan Development and Decision Making

Credit Hours Subtotal: 7
Total Credit Hours 18

Boss Batir (Ulises Landron) -- He has tinted skin, brown eyes, and brown hair buzzed short. A scar cuts through the hairline on the right side of his face. His heritage is Hispanic and American. He supervises a lucrative drugrunning business in Lincoln, Nebraska through a gang called the Hammerheads. He tends to exert control through harsh punishments.
Origin: When Ulises was a boy, his father used to beat him a lot. One day the man threw Ulises against the wall and cracked his skull. Nobody realized it at the time, but that caused the boy to develop superpowers. The next time his father lashed out, Ulises struck back and killed him without really meaning to. But not exactly NOT meaning to either.
Uniform: Street clothes. He favors blue-collar work clothes in dark colors.
Qualities: Master (+6) Gangster, Expert (+4) Tough, Good (+2) Disciplinarian
Poor (-2) Violent Temper
Powers: Expert (+2) Control Force
Motivation: To be in control.

Dr. Delaney Just -- He has sorrel skin, brown eyes, and nappy black hair buzzed short. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where works at the Urgency Care Clinic to pay off his medical school debt. His cheerful personality and people skills help him gain the trust of clients who have had bad experiences with medical care.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cheerful, Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Doctor, Good (+2) Listener, Good (+2) Trustworthy
Poor (-2) Medical School Debt
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