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Losing Birds

This article talks about the plummeting bird population

Regrettably, many of the action points are wildly off base.  The real problem isn't windows or housecats.  It's habitat loss and plummeting food supply from seeds to insects.  Belling your cat won't save the birds (except on islands).  To save the birds, we must provide places for them to live, and not postage-stamp parks, but large swaths of undisturbed territory connected by shelterbelts.  Around here I've seen the populations drop as the old hedgerows are torn down ... right when windstorm damage is increasing, by the way. 0_o  Individual action is irrelevant unless you control at least a good-sized yard, and even if larger landowners were helping en masse, it wouldn't be enough.  The government has to conserve wilderness or you can kiss the birds goodbye, and you might as well kiss your ass on the way down because you're following them.
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