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Poem: "When You're Halfway Down"

This poem was inspired by the "bad ideas" square in my 8-2-19 card for the End of Summer Bingo fest. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] zianuray. It belongs to the Shiv thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Warning: This poem contains nonstandard risk assessment and messy medical details, but it's still funny ... from Shiv's point of view.

"When You're Halfway Down"

[Tuesday, January 13, 2015]

Shiv was still bleeding when
he slogged into Blues Moon,
but it was totally worth it.

Gray took one look at him
and said, "Okay, let's get you
down to the patch room."

Shiv just nodded and let
Gray sling an arm around him,
instead of trying to talk through
the cloth pressed to his face.

"Did you break any body parts
that I should know about?"
Gray asked as he helped
Shiv onto the exam bed.

It was a quirk of
Shiv's superpower
that he could sense
broken bones with it,
and there weren't any,
so he shook his head.

The cloth hurt coming off,
because it was stuck to
some of the scrapes.

"Okay, let's see the --
hoooolee shit," Gray said.

He didn't stop working,
but the look on his face
was absolutely hilarious.

Shiv had forgotten
how much fun it was
to freak people out
like this, and it wasn't
even against the law.

"How did you manage
to do this to yourself?"
Gray said as he cleaned
the scrapes with antiseptic
that made them go numb.
"Did you get into a fight,
or something else?"

"Well, that's the thing
about plummeting downhill
at fifty miles an hour on
a snack platter -- if you
realize it's a bad idea
when you're halfway down,
it's too late," Shiv said.

Gray burst out laughing.

"You may be a pain in the ass,
kid, but at least with you,
life is never boring."

* * *


"The thing about plummetting downhill at fifty miles an hour on a snack platter -- if you realize it's a bad idea when you're halfway down, it's too late."
-- Rick Riordan

Shiv has a nonstandard risk assessment, somewhere in the vicinity of Calvin and Hobbes on a sledding hill -- although in Terramagne, the strip is Susie and Locke.
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