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Toes in the Brain

Foot painters, and other people who use their toes intensively, develop hand-like maps in the brain for their toes.  Most humans don't, although other primates do.

It makes me wonder if my brain does that, because I use more of my body than most people do.  I don't paint with my toes, but I do pick things up with them, and I can manipulate things such as light switches.  I also use my mouth as a manipulatory appendage.  I had no idea that most people have nearly no resolution in their lips until I read about it -- I routinely use mine to check for rough spots on something that's supposed to be smooth, because I can sense smaller variations with my lips than with my fingertips.  

Or maybe it's just because I don't have some of the standard human wetware, leaving extra space for other exciting things such as a linguistic coprocessor.
Tags: nature, news, science
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