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The 7-11 Capsule Wardrobe

The 7-11 Capsule Wardrobe is something that I spotted in Terramagne. It has 7 bottoms and 11 tops. That's enough so you only need to do laundry once a week. You also have enough tops to cycle among them, so you don't have to wear the exact same set every week.  It's meant to provide a basic wardrobe for work or extended travel, like you might get for a new job or a different climate, not necessarily a whole wardrobe. Let's explore how this might look ...

Imagine an outdoorsy person who doesn't want to mess with clothing much. Everything should go together, and most of it should be practical stuff. This set covers autumn-winter in a cold but not frigid climate.

The 7 bottoms include 4 jeans in various shades of blue, 1 olive, and 1 black; plus 1 pair of ivory trousers. All the bottoms are solid colors so they can go with any of the patterned tops.

The 11 tops start with 7 plaid flannel shirts with 2 blue, 2 black, 2 red, and 1 green. These provide a majority of the interesting colors and patterns in this capsule wardrobe. (You could also put all the pattern elsewhere, like on the bottoms.) Next comes a solid red turtleneck. There are 2 sweater vests, one navy and the other ivory, which can go over the flannels or the turtleneck. Finally there is an Icelandic sweater, mostly black with ivory zig-zags around the top. It is pictured with a set of accessories including a hat, scarf, rubber winter workboots, socks, gloves, and a winter coat. The turtleneck, sweater vests, and sweater provide options for wearing something other than flannels on days off.

Include enough underwear and other essentials to get through the week, too. Here I've provided 7 T-shirts, 7 boxer briefs, and 7 pairs of socks. Since it's not good to wear the same shoes every day, you might want to add a second set, such as navy chelsea boots.
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