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New Bird

There is a tiny black-and-orange bird flitting around the birdfeeders in the forest garden.  It is mostly dark but with a narrow band of bright orange around its middle and orange edges on the tail.  The closest I could find was the black-and-orange flycatcher, but that's in India, which seems ... unlikely.  The closest I could find for America was the baltimore oriole, but I have seen those before and it doesn't look much like that.  This is smaller and differently patterned.  Go figure.

I really hope that some poor flycatcher didn't fall through a wormhole in India and land here.  That would not end well.

EDIT 9-7-19: New hypothesis -- American redstart.  I have no idea why this did not appear when I searched for black and orange birds in Illinois.  Thanks to the folks who suggested this possibility.
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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