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Community Building Tip: Public Transportation

Last week I posted the final entry from the previous list of tips.  For my next set, I've decided to use the one I wrote based on how to make your hometown more like Bluehill in Terramagne-America.  I took a close look at the town's positive features with an eye toward replicating them here with local resources.

* Robust public transportation. They have things like bus stops, shelters, shuttlebus routes, etc. throughout the densest part of downtown. To support this, check your local transit system and watch for political opportunities to do things like voting to fund programs.

Public transportation comes in various types has many benefits.  Support whichever one(s) you like and suit your area.  Here are some ways to improve public transportation and encourage people to use it.

Note that it is vitally important for public transportation to support cash at points of use, for two reasons.  1) If the phrase "legal tender for ALL debts" ceases to be true, that way lies a vast array of economic disasters.  2) A person who gets on a bus in a strange city, only to find they can't pay for a ride, is a person who will probably never get on a bus again.  Preferably, enable both cash and virtual transactions to maximize accessibility and convenience.

Local-America purports to provide travel services for nondrivers such as the elderly and people with disabilities, but anyone in that category can tell you it's bullshit.  The options are routinely unaffordable, unreliable, obnoxious, and/or otherwise inaccessible.  Then society wonders why the disabled and elderly wind up isolated, lonely, and depressed.  Nobody wants to have to beg favors from people who hate them or just don't care.  T-America ensures that everyone can travel, so most places provide free mass-transit access to citizens who can't drive, including reliable and convenient door-to-door service.  Everyone pays for it with taxes, which means if you break your leg and can't drive for most of a year, you too will benefit from these services and a simple injury won't wreck your life.  There is no reason we can't do the same in L-America, except that this society wants those people to die and stop pestering the important people.  Here are some tips for improving mass-transit accessibility.

One thing I've noticed particular to T-America is the widespread use of shuttlebuses.  Here they're uncommon, mostly used in places like airports.  In T-America, most large clusters of people have one or more public vehicles to meet their needs.  An apartment building has shuttlebus for things like driving people to the nearest large workcenter, mall, supermarket, weekend attractions, etc.  Malls, supermarkets, and other major shopping centers usually have one or more going to the nearest apartment complexes and/or downtown.  Big employers may have some going to nearby housing clusters and/or eateries for lunch if they don't have a cafeteria.  Any large enough group of people with clusters of need in transportation can benefit from doing this.

EDIT 9-8-19: You can also visit other towns and explore their mass-transit systems to identify pleasing features you wish to propose adding to your hometown system.  Providing a reference to where something is already in practice can make it more feasible.  Your town's staff could call over there and ask what software they're using or what brand of kneeling bus they buy.

Have you noticed particularly clever mass-transit ideas?  Have you gone out and done something to improve yours?  Share them in comments.

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