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Poem: "The Artists Among Us"

This is today's freebie, prompted by [personal profile] rabidsamfan. It also fills the "earth clay" square in my 9-1-19 card for the Arts and Crafts Festival bingo. It belongs to the series Love Is For Children.

"The Artists Among Us"

No one knew that Hulk was an artist
until Steve bemoaned the fact that
he couldn't find the right kind of
crock to brew kombucha.

Hulk went out and gathered
earth clay, refined it with water,
and made a jug with his fingers
that anyone else would have
needed a potter's wheel to make.

He glazed it in green with a brown lip
and borrowed a kiln from Tony to fire it.

Then he poked the spigot into place
and handed the thing to Steve,
all without a single word.

No one knew that
Clint was an artist until
the Black Widow needed
to impersonate a bohemian girl.

Clint brought out fibers and bobbins
to make long strands of whipcord,
then affixed feathers to the ends.

The Black Widow went hunting
in hippie beads and long skirts,
her feathers dancing in the wind,
and no one was the wiser.

No one knew that Thor was
an artist until Betty came home
grumbling that she couldn't find
an ornamental hair comb
to wear to the ball.

Thor took a piece of
hornbeam and carved it
into a dragon comb.

He finished the wood
with linseed oil and
carnauba wax so it slid
through her hair like silk.

Sometimes we don't see
the artists among us,
but they are still there.

* * *


This is the kombucha jar that Hulk makes for Steve. You can refine earth clay from soil with even a modest percentage of clay content. There are various ways to make a clay jar. Notice that the bigger your hands are, the bigger a pinch pot you can make.

Whipcording or slyng is a type of braiding done with bobbins. A trollen wheel produces similar patterns. Cordmakers may use four strands, or many more. I originally came across this as a method of making bowstrings. It is very old, very effective, but a tedious pain in the ass to do -- so when people found easier methods, they switched. These really were braided, using many fine fibers hanked together as in Flemish twists, only not twisted.

Here is the dragon comb that Thor makes for Betty. Read about how to carve a wooden comb.
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