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Colors and Artists

I forgot to mention some points about the Arts and Crafts Festival I'm hosting on [community profile] allbingo.  It has three categories of prompts: the Art Media list from the Bingo Card Generator, a list of Famous Artists and Crafters, and a list of Uncommon Colors.  You can make a card from any one of these lists, or mix them together.

In compiling the list of Famous Artists and Crafters, I tried to maximize representation.  They're all important figures in their field, whatever that is -- I mixed painters, sculptors, and a variety of folk art/craft specialties -- but not all from fields that are famous in general.  There are women, people of color, queerfolk, and so on.  This is helpful if you want to try any of the identity bingo achievements.

The list of Uncommon Colors includes a lot of "maybe colors" that lie between two or more basic shades.  Many of these are soft or muted colors, but some are bright.  Genderqueer folks often like to wear colors that don't have strong gender connotations.  Unusual colors can be very useful for that.  You could probably play this bingo list with your wardrobe, especially if you are trying to expand yours.  Decide some neutrals and think about what colors would go with those and look good on you.  Then make a list -- you might want 3x3 or 4x4 instead of the usual 5x5 for this -- and hit some thrift shops or factory outlets to see what you can find.  We're coming into fall and a lot of these maybe colors often appear in fall clothes, so now is a good time for this.
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