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Personal Meme: For the Birds

This meme explores a person's relationship with feathered friends, both domestic and wild. You are welcome to use the meme on your own blog if you wish.

1) What is your favorite bird?
2) What do you like most about birds?
3) Have you ever kept pet birds, and if so, what kind(s)?
4) Have you ever raised poultry, and if so, what kind(s)?
5) What bird products, if any, do you use?
6) Do you provide food and water for wild birds, and if so, what kind of birdfeeders do you have?
7) Do you landscape with birds in mind, and if so, how?
8) What are some wild birds that live in your area?
9) Have you ever gotten involved with a bird count or other scientific project?
10) What birds do you visit at a zoo?

1) Northern Cardinal. I like their bold colors and song.

2) Flight. I love to watch them fly, all the many different ways they do it. Flitting birds. Soaring birds. Diving birds. Hummingbirds hovering around my head waiting impatiently for me to refill the feeder.

3) I think we had parakeets when I was little.

4) We kept chickens for a couple years when I was a toddler. We had some ducks for a while when I was older. Of the two, I prefer ducks.

5) I love poultry meat; chicken is okay, turkey better; duck, pheasant, quail, and ostrich are favorites when I can get them. I like eggs. We have some feather pillows. I also enjoy using dyed craft feathers in various projects.

6) I put out a hopper feeder, a couple different platform feeders, and a suet cage. I've tried offering water, but the birds here just don't seem very interested in that. They'd rather drink out of puddles.

7) I landscape for mutual human/wildlife enjoyment. So there's a meadow that doesn't get mowed, and the birds enjoy it as much as the butterflies do. There are lots of bushes and thickets for cover and nesting. I tend to plant bushes, trees, berry canes, etc. that bear fruit. I've done a post on this topic too.

8) Sparrows, dark-eyed juncoes, cardinals, mourning doves, common flickers, downy woodpeckers, starlings, red-tailed hawks, pheasants, and great-horned owls are all present in my area. There's some population turnover, though, as species move.

9) I organized a school project around the Audubon Christmas Bird Count a couple of times; that was interesting. Cornell does one too.

10) Whatever's on the route; I like them all. I'll usually go for a big aviary if there is one, but I like pond birds and peacocks too. Flamingoes and jungle birds are favorites. I even got to see a real roadrunner, once, shortly after feeding time -- who was running around with a mouse in his mouth.
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