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Poem: "Puppydog Eyes"

This poem is spillover from the July 16, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from rix_scaedu. It also fills the "mutants" square in my 1-1-18 card for the Apocalypse Bingo fest. This poem was sponsored by a pool with [personal profile] fuzzyred. It belongs to the Berettaflies thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

"Puppydog Eyes"

[Monday, August 4, 2014]

"Wait, what?" Facet said.
"I thought you were talking
about the buggles!"

"What's going on?"
Adalina asked.

"Somebody has
reported a litter of
bugeyed puppies, not
from Stylish Buggles but
some other breed altogether,"
Facet said. "SPOON wants us
to go check out the situation."

"Sure, why not?" Adalina said.
"Puppies are cute. Where at?"

"They're up in West Baton Rouge,"
said Facet. "At least it's not
clear up in Madison again."

So Facet and Adalina drove
to the edge of Port Allen
where the town petered out
into farms and wetlands.

"Baton Blanc," said Facet
as he saw the sign and
turned into the driveway.
"That's the kennel name."

They went up to the big house,
which had three entrances labeled
Dining Room, Foyer, and Dog Room.

A middle-aged man met them on
the gallery. "Hi, I'm Walker Lee," he said.
"You must be Facet and Adalina."

He didn't hesitate to shake hands
with both of them. That was nice.

"Yes, and we're here to see
your bugeyed puppies," Facet said.

"Come on in," Walker Lee said,
opening the door to the dog room.

A small pack of dogs crowded
around the visitors, all of them
wagging and wriggling.

"These are my ladies --
Magnolia, Myrtle, Tulip, and
Laurel; and my gentleman,
Beauregard," said Walker Lee.
"Myrtle's puppies are over here."

Little white blobs stood out
against a gray plush blanket.
Each wore a ribbon collar --
red, green, tan, yellow, blue.

"They look cute," Adalina said.
"They give a whole new meaning
to the idea of puppydog eyes."

"Yep," said Walker Lee. "They're
healthy too, as far as I can tell."
He picked up a puppy and
handed it to Adalina.

Now they could see
the compound eyes
glittering in shades of
green, blue, and copper.

The rest of the puppy
seemed normal, though.

"Any idea what caused this?"
Facet asked, looking at the puppy.
"The mother of the buggles
was stung by a berettafly
while she was pregnant."

"Myrtle wasn't stung,"
Walker Lee said. "I asked
the owner of the stud dog,
though, and it turns out he
got stung -- which was not
disclosed before breeding."

"You probably have grounds
for a lawsuit," Adalina said.

"Nah," said Walker Lee.
"These pups are cute as
buttons! I'm thinking about
establishing a new breed like
the buggles, but of course
they'll need a different name."

"I'm more worried about proof
of transmitting mutations from
a parent showing no manifestation,"
Facet said. "That's going to make it
harder to track, not to mention
upsetting other survivors."

"I heard about what happened
down in New Orleans this spring,"
said Walker Lee. "Sorry about that."

The berettaflies had killed a bunch
of people, injured a lot more, and
turned several into soups.

If the survivors had to worry
about passing on altered genes
to their children, that was an issue.

Fortunately, it wasn't one that
Facet and Adalina had to solve.

"May we take photographs of
the puppies, and copy any records
you have of them?" Facet asked.

"Sure," said Walker Lee. He took
the puppy back and returned it to
the litter. "Myrtle! Say cheese!"

The mother dog hopped in
with her puppies and lay down,
striking a familiar pose.

"Wait a minute for the pups
to latch on," said Walker Lee.

Sure enough, they stopped
wriggling as each one found
a position, and then Facet
could take his pictures.

Walker Lee also brought out
a thumb drive with records
of the mating, the whelping,
and the first health check.

"Thank you very much
for showing us your dogs,"
Adalina said. "We'll let you
know if we need anything more,
or if we find out something
that you should hear."

"I don't expect any problems,"
Facet said. "The buggles
are growing up just fine,
and SPOON doesn't want
to meddle without cause."

After that, Facet and
Adalina drove back to
the Easy City SPOON Base.

They made their report
and sent a copy to Stylet.

Everyone cooed over
the pictures of the puppies.

Facet groaned over how
they kept using "bugeyes"
to describe the puppies,
figuring that he would
never hear the end of it.

He had a hard enough time
already convincing them to call
him Facet instead of Bugeye.

"This could be a good thing,"
Adalina said. "All you have to do
in order to make people quit calling
you by the wrong name is name is
publicly cede the name Bugeye
to the breeder for the dogs."

"You really think that
would work?" Facet said.

"Walker Lee has a degree
in Business as well as one in
dog breeding and genetics,"
said Adalina. "Why not just
call him and ask what he thinks?"

So Facet called Walker Lee
and explained the situation.

"I hate it when people call me
Bugeye instead of Facet, but now
they're saying that about the puppies,"
he said. "Adalina thinks if I gave you
the name to use for them, we could
convince people to quit calling me that.
What do you think about the idea?"

"It should work," said Walker Lee.
"Names can be officially registered.
I need a new name for the breed
anyway. How about calling them
West Highland Bugeyes?"

"I like that," said Facet.
"If you put in the paperwork,
maybe we could get together
and do a newspaper feature
once everything becomes official."

So West Highland Bugeyes they became.

* * *


Walker Lee Westbrook -- He has tinted skin, blue eyes, and long wavy hair of dark blond. He is tall and rangy. He is married with three daughters (17, 15, 7) and three sons (12, 10, 5). The Walker Lee earned an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship from the Baton Rouge Community College. Later on, he got a Breeding and Genetics Diploma from e-Training for Dogs. Currently he lives at the edge of Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana where the town tapers out into rural territory dotted with farms and wetlands. Walker Lee runs the kennel Baton Blanc breeding and showing West Highland White Terriers and later West Highland Bugeyes. He loves dogs and people equally and treats everyone with kindness. He also enjoys taking his dogs on long walks around the area. He advertises them as enthusiastic companions for senior citizens who want motivation to get out and about without feeling overwhelmed by a bigger dog.
Qualities: Good (+2) Businessman, Good (+2) Christian, Good (+2) Dog Breeder, Good (+2) Hiker, Good (+2) Kindness
Poor (-2) Needs Glasses

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship
The Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration (formerly Business Technology) is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The Entrepreneurship Concentration is specifically designed for students who want the necessary business skills to become a successful entrepreneur. This program is not intended for college transfer. It consists of 60 credit hours of course work and provides general education and work skills needed for entrepreneurship. Along with 15 credit hours within their area of concentration, all students complete required courses in the key business areas of accounting, economics, information systems, finance, management, and marketing. Additional required courses in speech and business communication provide students with the development of “soft” skills necessary for professional success.

Business Administration, Associate of Applied Science - Entrepreneurship Concentration
General Education Courses: Course
English Composition I (ENGL 1013) 3
College Algebra (MATH 1113/1213) 3
Gen Ed. Natural/Physical Science 3
American History Colonial to 1865 (HIST 2013) 3
American History 1865 to Present (HIST 2023) 3
Economic Principles (ECON 2113) 3

Required Courses
Fin. Accounting I (ACCT 2313) 3
Fin. Accounting II (ACCT 2323) 3
Microcomputer App. In Business (CSCI 2203) 3
Professional Selling (BUSN 1503) 3
Introduction to Business (BUSN 1003) 3
Principles of Marketing (BUSN 2003) 3
Business Law (BUSN 2103) 3
Business Communication (BUSN 2403) 3
Intro. to Financial Management (FINA 1503) 3
Principles of Management (MANG 2103) 3
Human Resource Management (MANG 2213) 3

Concentration Courses
Computer Based Accounting (ACCT 2413) 3
Customer Service for Business Professionals (BUSN 1303) 3
Intro. to Entrepreneurship (MANG 2413) 3
Small Business Management (MANG 2313) 3
Elective (SPCH 2313 Communication for Business Professionals 3) Total Hours 60-63

Breeding and Genetics Diploma from e-Training for Dogs
By Cheryl Aguiar |
At e-Training for Dogs we are extremely pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive dog breeding and genetics diploma to assist dog enthusiasts and professionals to develop the knowledge and skills to provide informed breeding decisions.
Prerequisites: None
Purpose: This Dog breeding and genetics diploma is designed for breeders, dog professionals or individuals interested in enhancing their study of dogs. Emphasis will be on the biology, evolution, genetics, and the early environmental influences on dogs.
General Diploma Information: Individuals who are passionate about improving their breeding programs would greatly benefit from this unique program. It is accepted in the scientific community that the principles of natural and selective breeding show themselves in the resulting animal’s behavior as well as its physical characteristics. Studies tell us that genetics determine aproximately 60% of behavior and the environment (“how,” “when” and “what” in the raising of the dog) determine approximately 40%, as long as those environments are within a normal range of experiences. Since it is possible to exert a great deal of control over the genetic and rearing environments of canines, this Diploma is essential for a complete understanding of dogs in our society. You will explore key areas such as: species origin, evolution of the species, genetics, biology and the interrelationship of these on ability, conformation, temperament and behaviour.
What students can expect to learn from this program:
o To understand the links between behavior and the origin, evolution, genetics and biology of the dog.
o To understand how the evolutionary background, biology, and genetics, impact canine behavior.
o To understand how the early experiences of canines impact their behavior.
o To understand how the prenatal and postnatal environment can be optimized to affect a canine’s development and behavior.
o Gain an understanding of complete canine genetics.
o The Breeding and Genetics Diploma will be provided when all required courses have been satisfactorily completed.
Program Length: Most students work on the program on a part time basis and complete the program within 12 months.
Program Curriculum: Students must successfully complete the six (6) required courses.
Required Courses:
Canine Genetics
Canine Behavioral Biology
Dog Origin and Early History
Breeding and Whelping
Puppy Imprinting and Bonding
Puppy Behavior and Socialization Course
Acknowledgement of Course and Diploma Completion: Letters of completion and where offered, Certificates, will be sent for each course as it is earned. The Breeding and Genetics Diploma will be sent once all of the dog breeding and genetics diploma criteria have been successfully fulfilled. Certificates and Diplomas will have your name, the course or diploma earned and a list on the reverse side of your accomplishments.
Resources and Equipment Needed: A computer with internet connection.
Instructors: Our Instructors are carefully chosen experts and excellent teachers in their area of expertise. We spend months developing one course so you and your dog can reach your goals.

* * *

March 24, 2014 -- Members of the Spectrum crack open a mad science lab belonging to Stylet and release the berettaflies into Easy City, Louisiana.

Monday, August 4, 2014
Month 5

See a map of Louisiana parishes and West Baton Rouge in Louisiana. Here you can see land use in West Baton Rouge parish and its towns.

Encompassing an area of only 194 miles, West Baton Rouge is one of Louisiana’s smallest parishes as well as one of the oldest. Created on March 31, 1807, West Baton Rouge was one of nineteen original parishes established by the Orleans Territory's government.

Port Allen is a city in, and the parish seat of, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, United States.[5] Located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, it is bordered by Interstate 10 and US Highway 190. The population was 5,180 at the 2010 census, down from 5,278 in 2000. It is part of the Baton RougeMetropolitan Statistical Area.

This is Walker Lee's house. See the exterior. The basement includes a media room on the left and a recreation room on the right. Bedroom #5 is a guest bedroom and needed as such because they often have relatives visiting, and sometimes buyers for the puppies. On the first floor, the enclosed living room is the dog room. Walker Lee and his wife share the master bedroom. On the second floor, the boys (12, 10, 5) share the left bedroom. The girls (17, 15, 7) share the right bedroom with the ensuite. The middle one is home office.

Baton Blanc is a breeder of West Highland White Terriers and later West Highland Bugeyes, located in West Baton Rouge parish of Louisiana. The female dogs are named after Southern plants. The males are named after Civil War figures.

The yellow-collared pup is a girl, Lily.

Mutation is how species evolve. In this case, the bugeyes came about through the insertion of new genes.

The West Highland White Terrier is a popular dog breed, friendly and exuberant. See puppy and adult pictures. Bugeyes have compound eyes with green, blue, and copper tones.
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