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Notes for "The Bravest and Most Lucid Thing"

Here are the notes for "The Bravest and Most Lucid Thing."

Guy-Henri Grant -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short curly brown hair. He wears glasses. He is tall and gangly with a long face. Guy-Henri lives in the New Orleans suburb of Easy City, where he serves as a policeman. His people skills and listening ability make him good at the job. He has a strong sense of honor and enjoys helping people, even those who have made mistakes.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cop, Good (+2) Fast, Good (+2) Honorable, Good (+2) Interpersonal Intelligence, Good (+2) Listener
Poor (-2) Needs Glasses

* * *

"Surrender is deeply misunderstood as an act of weakness. Surrender is the bravest and most lucid thing a human ever does, and that’s why it’s so precious to the Divine."
-- Andrew Harvey

March 24, 2014 -- Members of the Spectrum crack open a mad science lab belonging to Stylet and release the berettaflies into Easy City, Louisiana.

"Consequential Decisions"
Story Date: Day 1 - Day 7
Summary: Tanger finds out that SPOON doesn't want the Spectrum around anymore.
Characters: Tanger, Blastwave, Levinbolt, Limestrike

"Shattered by the Truth"
Week 2, Day 13
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Limestrike breaks away from the Spectrum.

"Like a Shag on a Rock" 12-2-15 (fishbowl spillover)
Follows "Consequential Decisions"
Author: Ysabetwordsmith
Story Date:
(probably Week 3)

"The Whip of His Own Remorse" 3-12-17 (fishbowl spillover)
Berettaflies: Week 4, Day 1
Summary: When he stumbles across pictures of some of the unintended consequences of the berettaflies release, Stylet makes a life-changing decision.

"The Inner Transition" 3-12-17 (fishbowl spillover)
Berettaflies: Week 4, Day 2
Summary: Having decided to turn himself in, Stylet enlists the help of Valor's Widow.

"A Little from the Heart" 3-18-17 (Creative Jam)
Story Date: Week 5, Day 7
Summary: Stylet has a private face-to-face meeting with another berettafly victim.
Characters: Stylet, Ashley Madison, Carissa

"The New Beginnings of Soft Greens" 4-4-17
Berettaflies: Week 6, Day 4
Summary: Carissa expands Stylet's culinary horizons with foods chosen for mood-bolstering properties.

Week 6, Day 5
Friday, May 2, 2014
Limestrike looks for Valor's Widow at the cabin, but Stylet tells him to get the fuck out.

"The Key to Everything"
Berettaflies: Week 6, Day 6
Summary: Stylet answers questions about one of his prior creations, but there's more going on than he realizes.

See the rental cottages in Easy City; Valor's Widow has the white one, #9. Here is the floor plan. The living room has two linen chairs, a matching couch (not visible in this picture), and an old trunk used as a coffee table. The dining room holds a wooden table, two chairs, and two benches plus a china cabinet. The cottage comes stocked with tableware for eight. The kitchen has white cabinetry with a rustic sink. The bathroom is decorated in pale blue and tan. The master bedroom has a full-size bed with an antique ironwork frame facing two corner windows. The office-bedroom contains a wooden desk and rolling chair, a white easy chair, and a white loveseat that folds out into a twin bed.

(These links are harsh.)
Moral injury occurs when someone transgresses their own and/or society's expectations of decent behavior. Although often mentioned in regard to military service, it can happen in a wide range of areas. Sometimes spiritual communities can help with moral repair. Read about the clinical indications and mental treatment. There are actually two paths for recovery from moral injury: adjust your moral framework (if you have gained greater understanding that enlightens useful changes) or adjust your behavior (if you fell short of parameters you wish to keep). Limestrike has decided that the Spectrum does not meet his standards for a superhero team and so he must part company with them. I could not find instructions on self-care for healing moral injuries. However, the basics overlap strongly with advice for becoming a moral, ethical, or generally good person. It may help to develop a personal code of ethics, or if you already have one, revisit it and update if necessary.

Leaving a group of friends can be difficult. Know the signs when it's time to do this, and how to do it responsibly.

When helping someone in a crisis, attend to physical needs first and then emotional ones. Here is a list of questions and solutions for self-care that generalizes well to caring for someone else. Know how to help a stranger or a friend in a crisis.

See the exterior and interior of a New Orleans police car.

A private holding cell at the New Orleans police station includes a bed, a toilet-sink, and a wall desk.

Panthalassic Productions is a food manufacturer and one of Kraken's secret holdings. They make a wide variety of items, including some odd ones that appeal to soups and other people with unusual tastes. Their cold cereals include Cocoa Cabana, Deep Blue Sea, Dulce, Sea Bran, SeaGreen Cereal, and Squiddies.

Cocoa Cabana is a cold cereal with a salted chocolate flavor based on oat rings seasoned with with sea salt and seaweed for all the minerals you will ever need.

RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt is among the healthier granola bars. Extra salt is usually a bad idea, but if someone has been crying or sweating, then it's good to replace what they lost.

Hydra is a brand of sport drinks produced by Kraken. They also release it in packets that can be mixed into water or juice. Flavors include Acapulco Gold, Black Sea, Blue River, Greenland Sea, Red Sea, and Whitewater. HydraTe is the line that includes kombucha, green tea, and similar beverages.

Alternative justice aims to keep people out of court and/or jail, instead resolving problems in other ways. It spans such forms as community justice, restorative justice, traditional justice, and mediation. Alternatives to jail may include things like restitution or community service, which more directly repair the harm done to people and relationships. Local-America uses this almost exclusively for civil violations and minor crimes. Terramagne-America also uses it for more serious crimes when the offender surrenders and wishes to make amends. They tend to view court as something for people who don't recognize their mistakes, resist making amends, and/or cannot reach an agreement. The advantages of police adjudication for serious crimes include acknowledging that the offender is now doing what society wants, rewarding surrender with better treatment and terms, which encourages other offenders to surrender instead of resisting, keeping offenders out of prison where they might get worse, repairing the harm done to victims, and mending the relationship between offender and society. This is particularly useful in handling supervillains, many of whom could easily break out out of jail and who are often in a better position to repair the damage they've done.

L-America has a godawful patchwork of laws across the states with regard to comparative fault and who can claim damages. Courts prevailingly use all-or-nothing judgement, though. This often leads to victim blaming. T-America prefers comparative fault to indicate who contributed what to a crime or conflict. Also, instead of simply declaring a winner and a loser, they customarily expect each party to make up for their individual mistakes if any. This reduces the chance of recurring problems.

L-American law relies on taking advantage of captives by pressuring them to accept plea bargains or other abusive arrangements. T-American law provides more protections, as a way of minimizing the kind of damage that compounds into worse and worse criminal behavior. Therefore, T-American legal workers have incentive to deal honestly with the accused, because if they don't, the case can be challenged and perhaps overturned by organizations who monitor for just practice. Factors may include undue advantage, unconscionability, unfair advantage, and undue influence.

Happy Hearts Television is a nonprofit company started by a therapist on community content, which grew into a whole media group of its own. They get substantial donations from mental and physical health care providers who want to have completely safe, soothing stuff to play in their offices or waiting rooms.
The original Cottoncandy Channel, now called Cottoncandy Classic, runs an assortment of upbeat and family-friendly programs. Most of that is fiction, but it's a mix of movies, television series, and cartoons. They also have some nonfiction interludes of light meditation, coping skills, and so forth. "So Many Yarns" is an episodic show in which the old ladies of a crafting circle share stories from their lives and lessons in making stuff. "Tales from the Friendship Bench" is an anthology show of stories between new friends, which ends with a discussion of a social skill featured in that episode.
Soothing Sounds is an audio channel of nature recordings, with matching videos of scenery.
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