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Thursday Yardening
Today is warm, muggy, and cloudy.  It rained again last night.  \o/

I fed birds.  Part of the birdgift tree fell down.  :/  I think the fly-through feeder is still intact, but I'll have to find another branch to hang it from, which is not easy.

I walked around the yard.  In the wildflower garden, purple echinacea, purple penstemon, and some yellow thing are blooming.

In the prairie garden, the first seedheads have opened, so that's definitely little bluestem in the east patch.  \o/  The whole area is swarming with grasshoppers in the grass, butterflies and bees on the thistle.  :D

EDIT 8/22/19: I saw a pair of goldfinches on the thistle feeder today, the male still in his yellow summer coat.  <3

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