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Today's Adventures

My parents took us to Sam's Club and bought us about a cart and a quarter of groceries.  That is, we filled our cart top and bottom plus several items in their cart.  Among the things we got:

* Flats of canned goods we use routinely, like mushrooms, peas, and tuna.
* Snacks including crackers, bars, and pistachios.
* Mass baking supplies like brown sugar and Bisquick.
* A jug of light olive oil and two bottles of pan spray olive oil.
* Some new mixed-grain microwave pouches to try.
* Ground beef, stew meat, chicken thighs, whole chickens, salmon steaks.
* A buffet crockpot with three pots and every cool feature I've every seen on one.  <3 <3 <3
* A giant box of printer paper.

I said "If it fits, it ships!" a lot while shoving things into ever-smaller spaces.  Cargo Tetris for the win!

We got it all home and put away.  But I am tiiirrred now.  *flop*

Some problems are nice to have.
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