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Beef Chuck Roast with Onions & Mushrooms

I made this earlier in the month. It's a dual recipe, one for the main dish and then another for dressing up the leftovers.

Beef Chuck Roast with Onions & Mushrooms

3 lb. beef chuck roast
fresh-ground black pepper
1 cup red wine vinegar
1 cup water
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
bay leaf
1 can beef broth
1 large can sliced mushrooms
2 large cloves garlic
2 onions


Rinse the beef chuck roast and place in a large bowl. Generously cover all surfaces of roast with fresh-ground black pepper, rotating meat as necessary. Use a toothpick or roasting fork to make deep punctures all over the roast.

For marinade: combine 1 cup red wine vinegar, 1 cup water, and 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce. Pour marinade gently over the roast. Add bay leaf. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Next day: transfer roast to large crock pot, including the bay leaf. Discard the remainder of the marinade. Pour one can of beef broth over the roast. Drain can of mushrooms and add mushrooms to crock pot. Turn crock pot on Low.

Peel and mince two large cloves of garlic. Peel and quarter two sweet onions. Add to crock pot.

Cook on Low for 5-6 hours. Occasionally spoon broth over roast. After a few hours, flip over the roast if possible. Roast is done when the onions are translucent and the meat is tender – it should shred with a fork.


Canned mushrooms are easy and cheap, but fresh mushrooms would give better flavor.

The garlic cloves I happened to have were huge. Use 4-5 small cloves.

“Two onions” actually meant one whole onion, and what was left after subtracting the 3 tablespoons of diced onion I needed for another recipe.

I served this with roasted potato wedges topped by parmesan cheese, which is where the diced onion went.

This recipe was very popular with my guinea pigs. The meat is very tender and juicy, with a bright tangy note from the vinegar.

* * *
Recipe for Leftovers

beef roast leftovers
1 envelope mushroom gravy powder
1 cup water
1 maggi cube


Shred the leftover beef roast and mix it with any leftover onions and mushrooms, if this hasn’t already been done. Microwave briefly to warm leftovers, stirring as needed.

In a medium pot, combine 1 envelope of mushroom gravy powder with 1 cup water (or follow directions on packet if they differ). Heat to boiling. When gravy begins to thicken, spoon in the beef leftovers and stir to combine. Turn heat down to simmer. Stir occasionally.

Read the coucous box to figure out how much you need to prepare in order to serve the number of people you’re feeding. Put the necessary amount of water in a pot, add 1 maggi cube, and heat to boiling. Stir in the necessary amount of couscous, remove from heat, cover and set aside for 5 minutes. (Or follow box directions, if they differ.) Fluff couscous with fork before serving.

Dish out the couscous and serve the beef atop or beside it.


Leftover recipes are flexible with proportions. When I made this, I think we had about a pound of beef leftovers. If you have more abundant leftovers, you might need an extra envelope of gravy. I also made couscous for three people; if you’re making 5 or more servings of couscous, throw in an extra maggi cube.

The mushroom gravy mix makes a much more mushroomy-flavored beef dish. Plain brown gravy would also work if you’re not a big fan of mushrooms. We love mushrooms, and the change in flavor also made this seem less like leftovers.

The beef topping could just as well be served over rice, bread, noodles, etc.

Maggi cubes are sort of like spiced bullion, and used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. I think they have more interesting flavor than ordinary chicken or beef bullion.

Couscous is whole-grain semolina in little bits. You can make couscous with just about any kind of broth, bullion, or similar flavoring. (It can also be made with plain water, but that’s not nearly as good.) Use what you have and like.
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