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Today's Adventures

Friday night: rain spell.

Saturday morning: farmer's market.

Perhaps a slight miscalculation on our part.

Happily, the downpour (which we really needed) dwindled to a light rain by the time we were ready to leave, and the sky was mostly clear by the time we reached the farmer's market.  We saw several little kids splashing in puddles there.  Everyone smiled.  Once in a while, I see little reminders of the good things in life.

We bought ingredients for the Cutie Joes.  We also got some ground bison for later use, and even a bison tongue.  I have no real aspirations of being able to peel that thing, but I can always just use a paring knife.  Then again, it's bison, not beef; maybe it'll come clean if I sing to it.

We tried the Burrito King Mexican food truck, which turned out to be excellent.  Doug got a spicy chorizo burrito and I got a chicken taco that was not spicy at all -- literally mild enough I can eat it when I've had to get up early and my tummy might be touchy.  \o/

Elsewhere in town we explored a couple of places we hadn't noticed before: Caribbean Grill is a restaurant that serves mostly jerk meats and sides like plantain chips.  :D  We want to try that some time.  Wild Birds and More has bird houses, bird feeders, seeds, all kinds of things.  I'm quite taken with their proprietary birdseed blends.  Also they have an old-fashioned solid  cast concrete birdbath or feeder.  Nowadays most of them are flimsy two-part things; pretty, but I have no illusions of them lasting more than a season or two.  The one I saw today is built like a brick shithouse.  It's also deep, and my birds don't like shallow birdbaths like they're supposed to.  They want either something like a dog dish -- which is what I put under the hose from the sump pump -- or they use the puddle at the end of the driveway.

All in all, it's been a very productive day.  \o/
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