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Location notes for "Made for Togetherness"

Here are the location notes for "Made for Togetherness."

President’s Office
Office Complex
Location: Male’
Client: Ministry of Construction and Public Works
Completed date: 31 January 2002
The President’s Office is a landmark building on the main waterfront of the capital, Male’. Completed in 2002, the complex includes the Cabinet Office, Policy Office, Press Office and Finance & Administration Office and their respective subdivisions.
The scope of work includes preliminaries, ground works, concrete works, masonry, plastering, roofing, metal and wood works, ceiling, doors and windows, tiling, granite fixing, painting, water proofing, finishing, carpeting, hydraulics and drainage, electrical works, air conditioning, fire fighting and fire alarm system, installation of 3 passenger lifts and emergency generator and transformer.

See the exterior of the building and the formal sitting room.

President Latheef's lagoon table is made from many layers of blue and white glass. His children like to play with model ships such as a dhoni and a cargo boat.

This is the Red Consultation Room.

The Quiet Room doubles as a Friendship Room and stands near the Prayer Room.

Amilla Vazan is a former resort island turned into residential space. It lies in the Baa Atoll in the Maldives.

amilla (adjective) private
amilla vazan (noun) homeland
-- Maldives Dictionary

Here is a large map of the island. Near the left tip of the island, a food forest surrounds the Tree Houses, which are reserved for people who really need them: fliers, telepaths, etc. Toward the middle, the Lotus Garden marks an area of recreational and produce gardens. The two clusters of blue buildings on either side of the Lotus Garden were originally for service buildings and staff housing. Some of the service buildings can be converted to new uses, and the staff housing has been opened to a wider range of residents. On the bottom left part of the island lies a row of large family villas. The plan is to build another pod of four 4-bedroom villas and one 8-bedroom Great Beach Villa, then another pod of two 4-bedroom villas and one 6-bedroom Amilla Estate Villa, fill the space to the path. The upper part of the island from that path to the Jovvu Spa will remain greenspace. Turquoise Reef Beach is closed to watersports due to dangerous currents. People use it for quiet beach activities such as yoga or plein air art.

Maldives Amilla Vazan Genna's Villa Floor Plan
They have the Great Beach Villa.
A note on the two kitchens: a serious discussion over whether to keep kosher kitchen will begin, but Saul does not care one whit about keeping the kitchen by orthodox standards. Not eating bacon and pepperoni are plenty. Which will give Genna the idea that the whole kitchen will be less used than hers. That means that Saul’s kitchen (5T) is easily converted to halal use, and the kids will be taught that they can’t carry anything from Genna’s kitchen to the other one without checking whether it’s halal or haram. The simplest method is to mark them: Saul's kitchen is marked with a green crescent moon within which is written "halal" in Arabic, Dhivehi, and English. Genna's kitchen is marked with a pink pig under which is written "haram" in Arabic and Dhivehi, "NOT halal" English. Its supplies have a pink pig drawn on them to help the children remember.Within a few weeks, the kids will have it down pat, even Nimkii, who is the least likely to pay attention to the new religion.
Downstairs, Pips will be offered the guest room at the top of the map and left side as walking through the house from the street (3T). Declining that, he takes the the staff quarters at the bottom of the map and right side of the house (2B). Genna and Saul have no idea how to choose a katheeb, so they just accept whoever gets assigned to them, putting the katheeb in the staff room at the top top of the map and left side of the house (2T). One person will be hired, and Genna will be overdoing it trying to keep up with the housework, until Pips convinces her to hire another katheeb and get some real sleep. The newcomer will choose to bunk with the other one, in 2T, probably because they are a younger sibling or cousin in their first big job, maybe twenty years old. That automatically gives a senior/junior dynamic between them, and cuts down on problems.
Downstairs, Saul will want 3T as an office, only if Pips doesn’t take it, which will take some firm negotiation on Pips' part. The remaining guest room downstairs (3B), on the right, would make a fantastic classroom and base of operations for the kids’ exploration. The living room has huge couches and pull-out mattresses under the coffee tables. A hide-a-bed couch in an office would work, though, since all the bedrooms have ensuites.
Upstairs, Saul has the master bedroom at the top of the map with the bathroom to the left (11T). The two showers in the master bedroom that jut out from the main wall on the right side of the house will be repurposed. Saul will
keep one of the huge shower rooms (the one with the shower head in the
middle of the long wall), and convert the other to a quiet room for Dom, which will require covering the walls with sound-dampening rugs or other materials, and using area rugs to soften the sound of the tile floor. The small shower will have the pipes capped, and the room fitted to hold a safe.
Nimkii will want to be close to Saul, so she gets the outer bedroom on that side (10T exterior, with extruding shower area). Several shades of yellow will help make the space feel more familiar for her. Victor lives in the inner bedroom on this side, in part because most daytime activity will be downstairs. (10T interior). He’ll go with lighter shades of purple here.
Upstairs, Genna and Dominic share the master bedroom at the bottom of the map with the bathroom to the right (11B). The two showers in the master bedroom that jut out from the main wall on the right side of the house will be repurposed. Genna prefers the small shower, and after the other showers sit empty for a few weeks, she’ll switch to using them for indoor gardening, testing out information on what grows locally and setting up an herb garden for the things which won’t do well outside.
Matthew and Shaun can't be pried apart with a crowbar, so they share the outer bedroom on this side. (10B exterior). They’d want two separate beds. The ones in Saul’s house were built like jeeps, the ones in Genna’s were Wild Things and palm trees. Here, they’d end up with dhoni, and tons of built-in storage hidden in the "hull." Genna needs at least one room for office/crafts, so that's the inner room (10B, interior). The tub room is repurposed for wet crafts, but tub is kept.

See the exterior by night and by day. Each half has its own pool and an outdoor dining table with grill. This is their beach.

Downstairs has a living room with a viewscreen. The big coffee tables have hide-a-bed mattresses underneath for lounging or guests.

The dining room looks into Genna's kitchen on the right side of the house. Saul's kitchen is on the left, and here's a glimpse of its outdoor dining table.

Upstairs, the lounge connects the two halves. Its recreational space includes a ping-pong table. This is Saul's master bedroom on the left side of the house. The ensuite includes two large shower stalls as well as a third smaller one. The other master bedroom on the right side belongs to Genna and Dominic. It has double sinks.
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