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Hey, Extra! Another Generally Sponsored Poetry Poll

Another donation has come in, so you get to vote on more poetry from the February 2009 Poetry Fishbowl. The current list of donors for this month is: jenny_evergreen, minor_architect, laturner, and janetmiles. Thank you all for your enthusiasm!

Poll #1353139 Extra Poetry Poll for February 2009 Fishbowl

Which of the following options do you prefer?

"Explain Away"
"Silicon Skin and Carbon Hearts" AND "Two Wheels, One Road"
"Silicon Skin and Carbon Hearts" AND "Frontal Exposure"
"The Narcissus Code" AND "Two Wheels, One Road"
"The Narcissus Code" AND "Frontal Exposure"
"Two Wheels, One Road" AND "Frontal Exposure"
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, poetry, poll, romance

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