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Tuesday Yardening

Today was partly cloudy, warm and muggy. We got a good rain last night, though. :D

Round One, I fed birds.

Round Two, I walked around the yard looking at things. A pink-and-white gladiolus is blooming in the septic garden. A scarlet one is about to open under the telephone pole. Several sunflowers are open in the prairie garden. One has bronze petals.

Something has eaten the leaves off the top third of my tricolor beech tree. I noticed two distinctive cocoons hanging from its twigs, wrapped in leaves.  I thought about picking them off to smash.  But I wondered what was in them. 

So I came back in to do some research. It turns out that beech trees make terrific habitat. Here is one list of moth species that eat the leaves. From the appearance, I suspect promethea or polyphemus moth. The cocoons look a lot like this. It's not cecropia: too small and covered in leaves. Probably not luna: too narrow.  Here are some ways to attract moths to your garden.

I have a thoroughly chewed $100 specimen tree.  It's still doing fine, and the buds have already set for next year's leaves.  I'm not going to pick off the cocoons and smash them.

FIRST research, THEN decide what to do about bugs in the garden.

Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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