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I F Terramagne

That's as close as I can come to writing it with standard letters.

Fernweh (German) is a deep, intense longing for a distant land -- like being homesick for somewhere you've never actually been. Fearn is the Ogham letter for F (also V), meaning the alder tree; that's an ancient Irish writing system. In local-America, Unicode provides only a horizontal version, but in Terramagne it's written vertically for this purpose. European alder leaves have a heart shape. "I F Ireland." means "I fernweh Ireland." That can also be written with an alder leaf, just as "love" is often written with a heart symbol. Similarly, the two can be combined, placing the symbol inside the leaf.  It's a cross-cultural pun.  And now I wish I had a T-shirt that says "I F Terramagne."
Tags: a little slice of terramagne, linguistics
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