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Poem: "Sufficiently Advanced Reality"

This was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] mdlbear. It also fills the "pictures" square in my 8-2-19 card for the End of Summer Bingo fest.

"Sufficiently Advanced Reality"

If cyberspace is the Jedi Tree,
containing only what you bring into it

then augmented reality is fairy dust,
enchanting everything you sprinkle it on.

Every picture offers possibilities.

You can trap and train monsters,
name plants you don't recognize,
and even identify human emotions.

Sufficiently advanced reality
is indistinguishable from fantasy.

* * *


Augmented reality adds an additional overlay of information onto the physical world.

The Jedi Tree, or Force Tree, contains nothing but what you bring into it. All it does is turn your darker impulses against you.

Pokemon Go is a game that uses GPS to serve localized information to players.

Some AR programs can name plants or other objects.  This has much more serious privacy concerns because face recognition and emotional analysis are things that many people do not consent to having used on them.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, cyberspace theory, fishbowl, poem, poetry, reading, science, weblit, writing
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