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Meta Flags

While looking for something else, I stumbled across an image of love as a type of quantum entanglement. That's the metaromantic pride flag in Terramagne-America.

The metaromantic flag has a black field with two red hearts, which are linked by red threads and surrounded by gray lines to show quantum entanglement. Metaromantic is an orientation of affection that transcends rigid definitions and may overlap multiple other orientations. Metaromantics tend to fall in love with souls, not bodies.

That got me thinking about what would make a metasexual pride flag. I coined the term years ago, but it didn't occur to me to think about a pride flag until I spotted the romantic version. So I thought of something, but there isn't an actual image of it.

The metasexual flag has a spectrographic background with the rainbow fading to black at each end to represent what lies beyond human perception. In the center it has a black outline of a tesseract. (Because the tesseract is a four-dimensional object drawn in two dimensions, it has multiple forms and all are considered correct. The most common ones look like a concentric cube or an eight-pointed star.) For purposes of flagmaking, the colors can be cut in vertical stripes with the tesseract appliqued on top, but the spectrographic version is more correct.  Metasexual is an identity and orientation that transcends categories and may overlap several others.  Metasexuals tend to feel attraction for souls rather than bodies.

Here's an example of the visible spectrum.  Ideally the red end would be on the left.  This one is flag-shaped but lacks the black ends.
Tags: a little slice of terramagne, art, gender studies, personal
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