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Lammas Ritual

Today we went to a Lammas ritual.  One of our covenmates has a big yard with a corn crib.  It has a roof, floor, and two slatted walls but is otherwise open.  So this was our first time using that as a ritual space.

We called quarters with four different grains, and cast the circle with nonalcoholic beer.  It was really nice to have sheltered outdoor space to do messy stuff like that.  We invoked several harvest deities.  We did some chants.  We shared beer and bread.

Then we went indoors for the feast.  That included chicken with rice and seeded wheat bread.  We brought a jello mold for our contribution.  Other folks brought peach cobbler, bread pudding, and buttermilk pie. \o/

We had a lot of fun.
Tags: holiday, paganism, personal, spirituality
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