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Coles County Fair

Yesterday we went to the fair, but I didn't get around to writing it up then.

When I was little, this used to be a thriving fair.  Now, there's almost nothing left of it.  Admission is free during the day, but almost nothing is open until 4 PM when the gate starts charging money -- including the food booths.  >_<  It's sad to see society breaking down so much.  Because back then, I knew half a dozen women who could rustle up a crowd in half an hour.  They were cunts -- popular girls grown up -- but none of them would've let an event run into the ground, and had the skill to fix such problems.  Seriously, a fair is supposed to be a bundle of fun wrapped around practicalities.  Somebody needs to add in the stuff that gets people excited nowadays.  There are fairs out there doing roboderbies and fusion cuisine.  It can be done.

The rides are still plentiful, if that's your thing, although the games are no longer worth the bother.  Most of them didn't even have prizes of any appeal.  :/

The 4-H barns were quite good this year, though.  A whole handful of kids -- different kids, not the same one, I checked names -- had done displays that would be of use to fellow 4-H members.  I remember one was tractor safety and another was a list of things to bring in the trailer when hauling livestock.  Very astute.  I was also greatly impressed with the grand champion, who had won with a stained glass window including curved pieces of rippled glass, which is very difficult to do.  So that was fun.

The swag barn was a total dud.  By total, I mean there were only about half a dozen booths there, of which most were unmanned during open hours.  Just signage.  The Democrats had paper fans.  The Republicans didn't even have that much and their booth was abandoned.  The church had religious texts.  Even the anti-choice people didn't show up this year.  There were no pencils, pens, emery boards, magnets, posty notes -- none of the stuff I pick up at the fair because I'm too cheap to buy my own.  I found zero swag.  That's a first.  *sigh* 

The food, however, was excellent and of itself justified the trip.  I went looking for a corn dog as usual, but didn't see any.  What we did find was a booth selling bison burgers, goat burgers, lamb burgers, and assorted other goodies.  We bought one each of bison and goat, both of which were most excellent.  :D  We also had two shakeups, one lime and one strawberry; and a funnel cake that was cooked to perfection.  I ate too much.  I regretted my lack of control for about half an hour, too.  But it was sooooo good.  They also had deep-fried twinkies and deep-fried oreos.  Our budget is tight right now, but if we can afford to attend another fair this season, I have promised Doug that he can pick dessert since I've already had my funnel cake.
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