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Poem: "Pride Against Prejudice"

This poem came out of the July 2, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by prompts from Dreamwidth users Capri0mni, Bairnsidhe, Curiosity, Readera, and ng_moonmoth. It also fills the "International Day of Persons with Disabilities - December 3" square in my 7-1-19 card for the Winterfest in July Bingo fest.  This poem belongs to the Polychrome Heroics series.

This microfunded poem is being posted one verse at a time, as donations come in to cover them.  The rate is $0.50/line, so $5 will reveal 10 new lines, and so forth. There is a permanent donation button on my profile page, or you can contact me for other arrangements. You can also ask me about the number of lines per verse, if you want to fund a certain number of verses.
So far sponsors include: DW user Capri0mni,

422 lines, Buy It Now = $211
Amount donated = $20
Verses posted = 4 of 118 

Amount remaining to fund fully = $191
Amount needed to fund next verse = $0.50
Amount needed to fund the verse after that = $1

Pride Against Prejudice

[Sunday, July 26, 2015]

Black flags snapped in the breeze,
their colorful lightning bolts dancing:
blue, yellow, white, red, green.

Murray, Boris, Aconite, and Lucy
marched together, arm in arm, in
the Disability Pride Day parade.

Murray was pleased to see that
they weren't the only soups there,
although most marchers were naries.

Ahead of them was a mixed group
whose disability pride T-shirts
each bore a different phrase
printed across the back.

The one on the far left read,
Respect my limits as a person with
a disability; when I say I can't, I CAN'T

The one in the middle read,
Respect my boundaries as
a person with a high IQ; I am not
a vending machine of answers,
and I don't owe you myself

The one on the right -- clearly
a supervillain T-shirt -- read,
Respect my humanity as a soup;
my abilities don't make me evil,
the only evil is denying me my rights

Murray wasn't sure what disabilities
they had, and didn't care; he was
just happy to see them here.

No-Hands Hannigan was doing
a sort of air show above the parade,
her plane trailing lines of colored smoke
as she zigged and zagged overhead.

"Where did Boris and Aconite go?"
Lucy said suddenly, looking around.

"I don't know," Murray said.
"Just act casual ... in case
anything is going on, we don't
want to attract attention to them."

* * *


When President Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law — the world's first comprehensive civil rights law for people with disabilities — in front of 3,000 people on the White House lawn on July 26, 1990, the event represented an historical benchmark and a milestone in America's commitment to full and equal opportunity for all of its citizens.

Read about the Disability Pride Flag and how to make it.  This flag is P-squared for the public domain.

See Aconite's Don't Touch Me T-shirt.

[To be continued ...]
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